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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Rear Shocks

I have removed one Girling Shock - pass side - was going to replace bushings... It is very very tough to move the arm up or down... Cannot get cap off at this point.. Wondering if there is a rebuild kit or shop that can work on these - Would not be afraid to do it myself - Anyone have any experience working on these? Thanks in Advance.. Scott Cleveland
RSC Scott Cleveland

Scott - While DIY shock rebuild is doable, it is better to send them to Peter Caldwell at World Wide Auto Parts of Madison <> and have him do the job. In addition to getting a first rate restoration done, Peter gives a lifetime warrantee on all of his work. I have had him do the rear shocks for our TD and all 4 shocks for the MGB and have been well pleased with the results. Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

Scott, I highly recommend World Wide Auto Parts in Madison WI. I dealt with Peter, having 3 pairs of Girlings rebuilt in the past year. The shocks function like new. The bushings are not easily self-replaceable, and you have to install the link into the bushing at the same time you press the bushing into the shock. By the time you bought the bushing installation kit, etc. you would have been better off just having them rebuilt. Apple Hydaulics did a pair for me a few years ago- both started leaking in a year or so, but Apple did repair at no charge. See George
George Butz

a third vote for peter at world wide auto service and backs up his work. good guy! sincerely, tom
tm peterson

I have had six Girling shocks done by Peter and can highly recommend him. He is a pleasure to deal with and follows up on the details.
mike barnes

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