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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Seat Cushion Foam

Another little detail question. The seat cushion foam of my TD was beyond saving (even with the foam block method used so well by some). I purchased the Moss seat foam which is totally different from the original foam. It is two pieces of dense flat foam each about 3 inches deep with (what I believe is) the top piece extending over the bottom piece by just a little. Additionally, the entire foam is about half an inch larger than the wooden base all the way around. Before I incorrectly start stapleing the cover to the base, has anyone else used the Moss foam? Does the foam need to be shaped in anyway before it is put in the cover and stapled to the seat base? How much should I stretch the cover to bend the foam to the shape of the curve in the seat base plate?

Since the interior leather/vinyl kit has been my most costly expenditure to date, I would very much like not to mess it up due to my inexperience. Any help and/or suggestions will be great appreciated.

X-newbie graduated to novice after 5 years,

Patrick Earles

Picture would be helpful. It likely has to be trimimed and shaped. There should be some additionl batting/padding in a couple spots as well. An electric carving knife works well to trim. Been a few years, my Moss foam was one piece, and shaped pretty well. I just slipped the cover over, and trimmed/fit. Foam will compress when you pull and staple or tack the bottom, so don't trim too much. Edges will show through the thin vinyl parts, so those need to be smooth. Likely others with better ideas, been a long time. George
George Butz

I just did this and here are some suggestions to do a better job than I did.

Get some batting from a fabric store.

See picture

I used glue to hold the first bit of batting to the frame. Just a little is needed.

Fit the foam into the seat cover and then push batting all around the edge. Go slow (I didn't) and make sure there are no real voids or areas where there is too much.

Then get a 400 lb friend (a 120 lb wife will do in a pinch) and sit or hold down the wood frame. Keep working the batting then staple. Only a few at first, then smooth and then stable the hell out of it.

Good Luck.

JA Lewis


I used the Moss foam a couple of years ago along with their upholstery kit. I first thought that the foam was the wrong size(too big) But after fiddling with it for a while it turned out that I got avery nice fit with a good contour. I just stapled the covering very loose all aound and then started to tighten it up by appling more staples while pulling the covering tighter. You end up installing and removing a lot of staples but it does give a nice job. I thought at first about trimming the foam but in retrospect it would have been big mistake.

Mark Strang

The following pictures show what I am thinking about doing. The inside batting is 1/2 inch thick and slightly fiberous while the outside batting is 1/4 inch smooth wool. Any thoughts?


Patrick Earles

Picture 2

Patrick Earles

Last picture.

Patrick Earles


I too just finished this job, and also used batting from the fabric store. I used the batting primarily to soften the sharp edges of the wood base as well as to pad out the foam/wood transition. The main advice I would give is to go slowly and work carefully with the stapling as getting the corners to be wrinkle free is a challenge! Good luck from another newbie to novice, but it took me 7 years!

don scott

Hi Patrick:

I wrote an article about upholstering the TF seats which may help a bit. The seat bottom is similar. Go to -

and download PDF #2.

I, however, found the Moss foam too soft in use. I would now go to a wrecker like Pick-Your-Part and find a seat that had similar shaped foam. Try early 140 Volvos; they used exceptional foam that has a horse hair insert to gave some "body" to the seat.

I used Volvo foam when I upholstered my TIGER seats which, like the TF, have no springs. I get compliments and questions from the TIGER crowd on how I made the seats so comfortable. I intend to redo my TF seat bottoms with Volvo foam.

Good luck and drop me an -e- if you need some advice
(worth what you pay for it :-)

Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley

i ordered a piece of memory foam off ebay and carved with an electric knife. regards, tom
tom peterson

Hi.all. to get a better grip when streching
the cower I used a broad wice grip.Got a more even stre4ch on the cowering.
Thoralf. norway. TD 4490.
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)

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