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MG TD TF 1500 - TD telescoping steering wheel loosens over time

My '50 TD's telescoping steering wheel will not stay where I put it. Regardless how tight I do the bolt it pulls out into my lap over time. Not a good feeling at speed! I want it all the way in towards the dash.
Any suggestions to prevent this w/b appreciated. I cannot get the bolt any tighter without fear of breaking it!
efh Haskell

Ed, I have the same problem. I can use the advice also.
TRM Maine

Looking at the Moss diagram: The clamping is accomplished by squeezing the clamp ass'y #9 through action of the cap nut #10 on bolt #10. The clamp is split, so that squeezing allows it to close up. It's necessary for the nut not to be bottoming on the bolt. The washer shown (#12) is necessary to assure that the cap nut is not bottoming. Try adding another washer. Bud
Bud Krueger

If you have the Key installed, the Adjustable Shaft cannot come completely out of the Main Steering Shaft. The Main Steering Shaft has a slot on one side, so that it can squeeze the Adjustable Shaft with the Clamp Bud mentioned. The Key is on the opposite side.

M Brand

Key and Main Shaft

M Brand

Main Shaft Clamping Area

M Brand

I have heard about Guys that will take their Steering Wheel into the Room when parking overnight at Motels and such. I always figured this is how they did it. But if the Wheel works back towards you when driving, going without the Key is not a good idea. I just figured you could clamp it and it would be good and tight.
M Brand

The key is there to keep the wheel from pulling out. check your bolt for bottoming as stated above. also clean all traces of oil/grease from the splines to increase the friction..


Bill Chasser jr
W. A. Chasser Jr

M. Brand. Thanks for the pictures (how did you get a pretty gold shaft like that?).
I have the key and all that, but the key is a separate function than the telescope. My key is intact and I realize the wheel can't really fall out. I'm just trying to keep the wheel out of my lap.

I'll try more washers. Thanks Bud.
efh Haskell

Ed - Check the clamping collar that goes around the main shaft. The collar has flanges on either side and it is important that the flange on the end of the main shaft actually sit on the main shaft. If it doesn't then the main shaft doesn't clamp down on the steering wheel shaft, allowing it to slip. I have never had any problem with the steering shaft moving from the position that I set it at. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

To get the steering wheel perfectly straight on mine without pulling everything apart, fender, side panel etc, I pulled the key out of the sliding shaft and just clamp it after getting the wheel lined up. Works very well with no movement. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Gents, Recently corrected a frozen sliding shaft on my steering column. On reassembly I happened to have a repro clamp which had been in my spare parts box for years. Had marginally better chrome so I used it. It went into place very easily and when tightened fully did not lock the sliding joint. Changed back to the old original clamp and everything normal, Bolts measured alike so some small difference in the clamp edges or the formed ends where the bolt passes through. Check those repro parts!


J. M. Haskins

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