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MG TD TF 1500 - TD/TF Andrex shocks

Does anyone know the story behind Andrex shocks on TF's ? My 1500 RHD have the front brackets welded on in place & the special spring bracket plate to mount them, but no shocks. I have seen a couple of TF's with them over the years and a parts number for ordering the dealer kit, but were they an option for 54 & 55 or just standard on TD MK II's. Hummmmm! Jack

Jack. What is the frame number stamped on the left front frame. Just behind the bumper.
Sandy Sanders

Jack, I've owned 15-16 TF's over the last 50 years and have never seen or heard of Andrex shocks from the factory. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I'd like to see or know where the option is listed. Was this called a TF MK III <grin>. I am surprised this hasn't drawn more attention and comments? Hank


I don't know of any TFs shipped from the factory with Andrex shocks or mounting bosses for them. A pair will occasionally pop up and I suppose can be added.

But don't mistake the mounting points for the sway bar mounting as the same for the Andrex (André in Europe) friction-type shocks. The lower front A-arm of the MGB is backwards compatible with the TF and TD, and has a boss welded near the front of the yoke, but I doubt it coulld be used to mount friction shocks.

Some, but not all TD Mark IIs (TD3?) were shipped with Andrex shocks, and despite checking all my references, not TFs.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark


My 52 TD Mark II has the Andrex shocks. Contact me off board and I can forward pictures of the TD installation.

Where in KC are you located? I have family up there.

John Masters
John Masters

Hi Gord,

TD Mk IIs are TD/C serial cars. Their engines are TD3 serial engines. It gets so confusing...

Dave Braun

Is it possible that you have a BITZA? The frame if we knew the serial number could confirm that it is a frame from a TF or TD.
I have been around MG.s since 1950 and have never seen a TF with Andrex shocks or even the mounts for them.
Sandy Sanders
Sandy Sanders


Steve Swarts was very kind to define the Mk II designations even further:

Dear Dave,
Ah, but it is even more confusing.

as you know, the TD2 designation began in July 1951, at engine number XPAG/TD2/9408, with introduction of the 8-inch clutch. From engine 9408, the TD2 prefix was applied to all engines, Mk II and standard, until June 1952, when, with engine number 17029, the Mk II engine prefix changed to XPAG/TD3
Mk II TD car (chassis) numbers all begin with TD/C.
Best regards, Steve

There you go, the record is sraight... at least for now!

Dave Braun

Sandy - Sorry for the delay, just got out of the hospital. The chassis is a TF with the fuel pump mount in the rear. I'll get the serial number for you and a couple some pics of the Andrex shock mount in the next week. Jack

If your car is a RHD export model, could I have the chassis number too? I will see if it features on my Australian TF list,
Andrex shock absorbers were listed under Optional Extras in the 1954 edition of the service parts list.

Matthew Magilton

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