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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Underdash Shield

Ready to make a new one using wreckage of my original, but it is such a total nighmare to remove, there has to be a better way. I saw in the archives David DuBois made one (4 parts) to be sectionally removable. Dave, any more specifics you could offer? Any other ideas as to design? Removing the steering wheel and front kick panels to remove the beast is ridiculous. Thanks, George
George Butz

George, you might want to look at - Bud
Bud Krueger

This is a thread that interests me. I do not believe I have ever seen a TD with the under dash shield. (and I have been to a couple GOF's). How do these effect your leg room. Or more specifically, your knee room?

Were they primarily removed to work under the dash? I would not think there is all that much that goes on under the dash that the shield would have to be removed for, so why so rare?

I will attempt to take a picture of the one I did (no guaranty on that as it will have to be an in situ picture of a black shield. I did do it in four pieces, using a frame work similar to the one shown on Bud's web site, to screw the pieces together. It is better than the original (which came in our car originally), but is still a pita to get under to do any work.

We had one member of our local Register years ago, make a shield with light weight carpeting. I don't know how he fastened it at the firewall, but it was attached to the dash with velcro. It looked nice and was easy to pull back to gain access. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


My TDs both had underdash covers, as does my TF.

Several catalogues show an underdash cover for the TF, but only Abingdon Spares show one for the TD. OEM part # ASL6780, Abingdon 63 085b; and they still show a price which suggests they may carry some - probably NOS - at $223.50. (Ouch!)

This is one item I would think, would be hard to duplicate because it is formed and then covered with a furry fibre.

I still have mine for my TF, carefully packed and protected, but not installed, and not for sale!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Gordon - The under dash shield on our TD wasn't covered with anything, nor was it shaped (other than as a result of sagging over time). The TF under dash shield on the other hand is shaped - I have one of those for sale.

George - I have placed one of two pictures I took this evening on this post and will place the other one on the next post. I have put yellow arrows on the pictures to point out the seams. Each seam is backed with a 1/2 X 1 inch frame. the pictures are of the passenger side, the drivers side is a mirror image. Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

Here is picture 2.

David DuBois

In my TD I have the full size original one. To remove it I remove the steering wheel (one nut under the centerpiece)and the column clamp, which must be detached anyway(one bolt). Additionally the 5 or 6 attachment screws from the panel itself and than I can pull it out easily.
It takes all together 3 Minutes and should be not a problem.
If you try by mistake to remove the panel without removing of steering wheel, it will end in a nightmare including broken panel sometimes.
GK Guenter

To All,
I guess if you want your car to be brought back to origional, you need an under dash shield. I don't have one on our T for a few reasons.
If something goes wrong under there, it's much easier to get to the problem with out the shield. I couldn't imagine seeing smoke coming from under the dash and having to rip out the shield first to get to the cause.
There is some room for spares under there. One example is a head gasket fits nice and safe between the top of the glove box and the bottom of the cowl.
And, without it, there is much more room for your knees if you want to change leg position on a long drive.

Steve Wincze

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