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MG TD TF 1500 - TD value

I checked out a TD that will be on the market soon and want opinions on what the car is worth/what they shoud ask. I would guess nice restoration (minus chrome) 25 years ago, car is dirty and needs serious detailing/cleaning. See my post on TD numbers also. Presume it drives/shifts well (fuel pump not working so I couldn't drive), 40psi oil pressure cranking. Either amazingly perfect original wood, or very well done wood replacement. Doors close well, driver's a bit of lower gap. Body- I can't feel filler/repaired dents, and is totally straight except the running boards are wavy. Chrome mostly original (bumpers are repros) and I think fair when cleaned up. Very original underbonnet, dash wooden, otherwise all instruments/switches original and fair condition. Interior/top/side curtains decent. Brakes (and pedal box!) appear to have been done recently (hoses have 6/09 stamped on them). What is wrong: rear bonnet hinge screws stripped out, home-made engine stabilzer, carbs need refresh (jets stuck/home-made gaskets), rear shocks leaking and links bad, maybe leaky freeze plug, non-original coolant drain taps, one split rack gaiter. Of course it would need to run/drive for a buyer. Questions: Financially, would it be better to spend some $ and fix the above issues, or just get it running and sell as is? What do you guys think a fair asking price/value would be? Thanks, George

George Butz

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George Butz

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George Butz

George - if that car came to me the owner would probably end up spending about $1500-2000 to get those problems (and whatever else I found) fixed, depending on which core plug leaks! It's obviously nmore time than parts - the steering bellows are a PIA to do, as many here will testify, and the rear shocks are awkward. Fuel pump is easy, carbs just take a few hours (assuming the shafts are OK), change all fluids, points, plugs, maybe wires, etc.

The car looks nice, and my OPINION is that it would sell well at about $15,000. You could hold out for $18,000, but I don't think it would be an easy sell. Remember, you can buy a rough non-running TD for $4,000, an average runner for $7,000-9, and a more than decent car for $10-12,000. Look at complete transactions on eBay and you can see the range of what is actually selling right now - no TD above $20,000. There are a LOT of TD's out there right now, so it's a buyer's market.

And that's my .02!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Based on what I've seen for sale recently, I'm guessing around $12, you will have $14-$15K in it, without paint....Add paint, you have $17-18K in the car...
About the break-even point....
E.B. Wesson

Thanks Tom and Ed. Anyone else have any thoughts? George
George Butz

I think you would wait a long time to get $15k for it.

As it stands, it is a $10k car. Fix the problems (non paint) and you might get $12-13k.

Dave Braun

Sometimes I wish I lived in America because of the low prices on cars!
Raymond Wardenaer

Problem with current U.S. market prices , is if you have a car, and want to sell it...
Definitely a buyer's market in cars, and real estate...
E.B. Wesson

Would agree with Dave. May be able to get a bit more than $10,000 as is, but probably not all that quickly (and then who knows if you list it on E-bay).

A reasonably clean TD with an older restoration. A couple of weekends of work to fix the little things and you have a nice driver.
Bruce Cunha

I paid $ 40.000 for mine four years ago, in England, and tax included.
Raymond Wardenaer

For the Enterpeneur on this list: there is a serious margin to be made in mainland Europe for good quality LHD T series cars, shipped from the USA.
Ian Bowers

Ian, you are right, but do you travel to US to see them first?
Raymond Wardenaer

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