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MG TD TF 1500 - temp gauge needle stuck

1954 mgtf: Just back on road after restoration. Temp gauge needle is stuck to the highest temp the car reached. Do I begin with the instrument in the dash to find the fix or look to the temperature sensor first?
Ed Eastman

Ed - The gauge is the one stuck. Possibly a tap on the outside of the will clear it. There is rack and pinion type arrangement between the bordon tube and the needle and the gears are probably hung up. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

My TF pulled this same stunt on me after its first run of the season several years back. Somehow the block drain was knocked open, the coolant departed, and I realized I had an overheating problem quickly enough to prevent any engine damage. But the temp gauge needle was stuck at its highest reading before the engine shutoff. Take Dave's advice and give the back of the temp gauge a moderate wrap with the handle of a screwdriver. It was enough to dislodge my needle and put everything back to normal.
Gene Burgess

in regard to gauge tapping..back in the day i "tapped" the glass right out of a gauge and now only tap on the panel next to the gauge. regards, tp
tom peterson

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