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MG TD TF 1500 - TF 1500 Radiator Drain Tap

Quick Question for TF or TF 1500 owners:

I am replacing the drain tap on my TF 1500 radiator (it has seized up and can not be refurbished for use). I wanted to know if the TF drain tap should be the type that had the attached drain tube - as seen on many TDs.

I can purchase either type (Abingdon sells the type that can be fitted with a drain tube).

I just wondered if the TF1500 had the type with or without the tube. The actual drain tap is slightly different for the type used without the tube as no threads are needed.

Thanks in advance,

J. W. Delk

Hey Guys -

Does anyone have any feedback on the above - waiting to order parts and just wanted to make sure on this one point. If the tap with the drain tube can be used on the TFs and the TF1500, I would like to use that as I imagine it would make fluid changes a little less messy.

Any thoughts - will that configuration work/fit - I imagine it would.

Thanks again,

J. W. Delk


My TF 1500 has the angled spout on the drain cock ( not threaded), so I added a length of 1/4 in ID plastic tubing to it and to the overflow tube so the discharge is below the cross member (and avoids the mess)

Order the correct one for the TF and add the tubing.

Your email is "over quota" whatever that means!

Don H.
Don Harmer

Jeff - I'll add my $.02 regarding the drain tap. I went so far as to put a drain tap with a broken handle on because I like the feature of the threaded outlet on it. I made up a hose with a matching fitting on it so I can run the hose down into a container when it is time to drain the radiator. The tap takes the same compression fitting as the fuel lines on our cars. See Fig. 11 in the Fuel Line Fittings chart in the SU fuel pump Articles section of my web site at: This set up uses a bigger diameter hose and train tap that provides for marginally faster draining. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hi Jeff,

Just to confirm Don H's comments on the brass TF's Radiator Drain Tap,if you look at MG midget TF Operation Manual(Handbook) in the section under 'Periodical Attention,Draining The Cooling System',you can see the Drain Tap with the drain tube attached,probably would have been black rubber tube.
Originally,as Don has discussed,the angled spout did not have a thread.

Cheers for now.
Rob Grantham

Thanks for the comments guys - I need to purchase one of the Owners Handbooks Rob - I just have the shop manual and it just shows the TD type.

My car must have the correct tap as it doesn't have the threaded end for the pipe.

I'll be calling Abingdon on Monday with an order for a few items and will include a new tap.

Thanks so much folks

J. W. Delk

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