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MG TD TF 1500 - TF-1500 rear area fuel piping details

I appreciate all the great detail help as I ask questions about how things exactly go back together. Attached is a photo of the right rear frame area. being a 1500 the fuel pump is located in the rear. My question is: What type of attachment clamps or clips are to be utilized and in what locations and holes do they go? Two things need securing - fuel lines and wiring harness to fuel pump. You can see some of the mounting holes in the frame, and there is another closer to the pump. Perhaps someone with an original car can post a picture showing the correct detail.


R.T. Walsh

Rick, This is the best I can do at the present. The fuel line clips lay on the bottom of the chassis rail on top of the lip. I'm only missing two clips and naturally, their the rear ones which I have to replace. Mine seem to be welded to the chassis. The holes on the top of the chassis rail behind the pump are for the pump wiring harness clips and snap in the holes. If they are the originals, I'm not sure, but are the same type as on the rest of the chassis for the wiring. PJ

Paul J

My car.


Matthew Magilton

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