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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Carpet set

My TF when I got it had a loop type pile carpet in it, looked ok but it's a bit ratty so I wish to replace it, still with Red colour.
Can anyone advise me of a good set( not necessarily top shelf) to get as I am completely in the dark on this.
As usual any assistance will be greatly appreciated


G Mills

If you want red then I would consider going to a local auto upholsterer with experience in classic or custom cars. You will have the advantages of getting to see the carpet before you buy and having the carpet custom fitted to your car and any errors fixed.
Original was black non-loop carpet with unbound edges (so most of it is quite easy to do if you wanted to take that option). I have replaced most of my black carpet to replicate the original and still have the factory pieces for reference.

M Magilton

Hi George,

Look in the Archives - plenty of info. and patterns although many for LH drive cars, which you can hand, assuming you have a RH drive car. PS Do you really want red? The original black goes with all body colours in my opinion - your decision!


J C Mitchell

George -

I'll be installing carpets in my TF in a few months, so I'm gathering information about the materials and process.

> This thread has some good info about carpets

> Heritage Trim has red carpet in the original style.

> Moss (and LBCarCo) has carpets on sale for 30% off. I'm buying now and holding until I am ready to install. Not available in red. I don't know if the savings would be relevant with shipping costs to Oz.

> I will use Christopher Couper's excellent article to help me install my carpets.

LM Cook

Thank you all, all advice and info taken on board


G Mills

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