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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Coupe

Anyone know when the proposed new TF copue will be available??? And does anyone on here know where I can et more info on it from?? Thanks T T
Trevor Trailer

MG stopped aking our sort of TF's in 1955! Try
John James

The new TF Coupe will never be available, since as John says the TF production ceased in early 1955.
Don Harmer

I believe tha I detect the definite need for a BBS dedicated to the new TF 135s (is that the correct designation?).
Don - MG Rover does, indeed manufacture a new TF (much to the consternation of those who own the orignial 1954/1955 TFs) and they are a really nice looking car. I have no idea how they perform, but on the looks side, they are well suited to carry on the TF name.
Trevor - You might post your question on the MGF BBS as the people there may have a better handle on the answer for you. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

The new TF coupe was only a design study. At presant there is little hope of it beign produced
Cecil Kimber

TF = 1953/1955
tf = that new one!....
IMHO should have been a TG....or something else!
David Sheward

I know, there is the real TF and the "new?" TF (which I don't recognize as a TF), it was meant to be sarcastic.
Don Harmer

Don ...we think alike....notice the differance :
TF / tf ...I think of the "new one" in the "lower case"!
David Sheward

There is a picture of the coupe on the front cover of January's Safety Fast with an article inside. I agree with you guys regarding the TF name, but I would like to see it in production. The concept car has a 2.5 litre V6 with 200 hp and the looks are superb. It would be a real winner for MG if they could build it at a decent price.

Hope they can work towards a successful outcome.


Paul van Gool

David D - There are three versions of the new TF (I think).
TF 120, 135 and 160. The numbers refer to the BHP.

David S - Arrrrggggguuuuuuuhhhhhhh..... too.
I agree with you, the new version ought to be a TG or T bloody anything so long it's not a TF. The resurrection can cause confusion over here when phoning for parts/insurance etc for the real one.

TF 5924
John James

The current car should have been the MG F Mark 2 (or Mark II), as the body wasn't substantially altered. Then we would have the Mark 3 and so on. I wonder if they will get that far before the company goes belly up !!
Roger Wilson

Roger - That kind of naming (MGF MKII) would have ruffled a lot fewer feathers in the T series community.

Don and David - You guys are sounding a lot like the Register people in the 70s, who wouldn't even recognize the MGAs and MGBs as being MGs. It is indeed unfortunate that the MG Rover people chose to recycle the TF name, but the car still carries a MG badge and is a heck of a good looking car and from what I have read it is also a great performer. We saw many of them when we were in England this past summer and I would get one in an instant if it was possible. Take a look at them at:
Time marches onward and as much as I am in love with our TD and all T series cars, I don't intend to be completely stuck in the 50s and 60s to the point that I can't enjoy new and improved models (with the exception of my wife of course). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

LOL: if you Google TG, several results point to the "TransGender"-community, where transsexuals, crossdressers, tgirls, divas, and shemales roam.....

Maybe, just maybe, MG-Rover was wise not to call the TF a TG???
Willem van der Veer

It is an MGTF. Google that and you get no weirdos.
John James

But the original version of the current car was called the MGF, there was no 'T' involved. Perhaps the present version should have been the MGFB, although Mark 2 is just as appropriate (and MG have used both systems to indicate an improvement on a current car).
Roger Wilson

Don't get me wrong the car...would love to have one! Just hate the name. We hashed this out a few years back (on this BBS) when MG first said they were considering doing this. Shame they didn't listen. It sure "mucked up" the search functions on ebay ...wonder, anybody out there buy a set of "neon windcreen washer jets" ....still standing next to their TF scratching their head wondering how to install those...or that "computer chip" up-grade? LOL
Pontiac did the same thing when they "re-cycled" the GTO name.
Oh well can't find know what they say :
Opposite of Pro=Con ...opposite of Progress=Congress!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

G follows F, right?
So its an Emgeegee!
Matthew Magilton

Hi Guys

The worst of this was an advertising pic which was used on the front of the Cape Town MG Car Club mag for a while, which showed a new TF being followed down an idyllic country road by an original TF. The caption for the pic was something along the lines of "MG TF with 1955 MG midget".

Now I'm really in trouble 'cause my sensible car is a new TF and my fun car is a '62 Midget...which was not regarded as a fitting successor to the Midget name when it first appeared.

James Reinhardt

The correct name for the old TF is MG Midget Series "TF" (as on the front of the Workshop Manual).
John James

I own a 1950 TD and a 2004 TF, and I am pretty pleased with both! The "TF coupe" is called MG GT and has been availeblae for a short while.

Denis L. Baggi

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