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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Diff Gears

My mechanic called and asked if i knew of anyone who had a TF rear end as one of his mechanic friends has a customer who 'blew' his up?

I knew TF's came with 4.8 (?) gears but didn't know if this was the 1250 or 1500... or both? (or I may be wrong).

I offered him my old 5.125's but didn't know if that was correct? Mentioned he should find out the engine size?

Hi Gordon, as far as I know the 4.875 was standard on both cars. The 4.55 was an option.


Paul van Gool

His other question (after I asked if the casing had been damaged) was if an MGA rear end could just be installed... I seem to remember someone doing the swap and it not being too wide.
The other problem is that the customer either has or wants wire wheels... again, i thought TF and A wires/hubs/wheels? were different. (you would think I could retain some info from the past postings) I will go search the archives now!

Hi Gordon L,

The crown wheel and pinion can be installed from MGA to either TF1250 or TF1500 axle housings.Both TF models have identical housings.

Although not listed in the various and original Factory Sales Brochures I have on TFs,"The MG midget (Series TD) and
(Series TF) Workshop Manual" ,does in fact list the 4.875 :1 rear axle as standard,but also lists "Alternative ratios 4.55 :1 and 5.125" as being available.

The wheels from a TF1250 and TF1500 both have 48 spoke set up.However,the 1250 has a 'shallow' dish Hub centre,whereas the 1500 has the stronger,slighlty deeper formed Hub centre as per MGA.As far as I know,the splined axle hubs sets on the 1250,1500, and early MGA are identical.

Cheers for now.

Rob Grantham

Thanks all... problem solved... my Mechanic gave him Bob Grunau's number!

This thread was discussed on 27/08/2008

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