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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Distributor A,B,D,E,F,G,H

Are all 40367 distributors (A/B & D/H) used in TFs?

> 40367A = TD/TF WSM
> 40367D = Lucas Spares 1954, p13
> 40367D - 40367E = Lucas Equipment and Spare Parts 1945-1960, p A100
> 40367F,G,H not listed.

The only change that I see between A/B and D/H is the bottom bushing. Lucas Equipment and Spare Parts 1945-1960, p A30:
420064 = Bottom bushing 40367A/B
419430 = Bottom bushing 40367D/H

Any difference between 40367E and 40367F,G,H?

A club member and I are discussing building a 40367 distributor for my TF1500 from parts. It currently has 40367B.

Tips and suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


LM Cook

Lonnie something is wrong,starting at the bottom you state it now has a 40367B, by the link it shows it is a clockwise rotation, all our cars use a counterclockwise rotation unit.The page listed is not the correct page for TC TD TF. All the 40367 units use a long single bushing, I have OEM Lucas bushings in stock for these. The 40367 used in late TD TF have improved advance weights, (they have less tendency to break in half!) lighter springs for a better advance curve, and the distributor plate is marked 12 for 12 degrees advance = 24 crank degrees, when set at 12 BTDC you get the correct total advance of 36 degrees.F G H must be the ones in our cars.
Len Fanelli
Abingdon Performance LTD.
Len Fanelli

Didn't Lucas describe the rotation looking from the drive end? Their clockwise is your counter clockwise.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Lonnie - If you think the distributor come in a wide range, you should look at the SU fuel pumps. I have a sheet that is nearly 3 lengths of standard paper, the difference between the pumps (other than the 4 or 5 actual different pumps) is often impossible to determine the actual difference - other than a very small change of the aluminum pump casting. The cast iron coil housing is slightly better. My way of dealing with the pumps, is just go with the part number of the pump (if it has one attached. I pretty much lump the pumps in Low pressure, High pressure (the two look the same), the double ended, both low and high pressure, the LCS (rectangular pump body), a variety of double ended (both low and high pressure). Add to that, a lot of the older pumps have a longer coil housing (people call them long body pumps), both single and double ended pumps. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Dave -

Your distributor listing on ebay started the conversation about building a 40367 from parts.

We have some "A" housings and some "D" housings. Is the size of the bottom bushing (and mating surfaces} the only difference in the two?

> 40367A/B Porous Bronze Bottom Bushing:
Part # 420064
0.490" Bore (I.D.)
0.655" Diameter (O.D)
2.420" Length

> 40367D/H Porous Bronze Bottom Bushing:
Part # 419430
0.490" Bore (I.D.)
0.750" Diameter (O.D)
2.473" Length

Lucas Equipment and Spare Parts 1945-1960, p F61


LM Cook

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