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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Engine Stay Wisdom

I've always found that my air filters, particularly the rear most one, are too close to the side engine panel. The previous owner has even placed a wide foam weatherstrip on the rear most air cleaner to prevent chafeing between it and the side panel.

I seem to recall that some previous threads have eluded to the engine stay as being part of the problem if it is too tight.

Just what is the collective wisdom as to how tight the engine stay should be in relation to its mounting bracket? Can I loosen mine up significantly enough to gain some room for my rear air cleaner?

Gene Burgess

Gene - The engine stay is supposed to be set at neutral point, that is it should not pull or push the engine one way or the other. It is possible that some previous owner pulled it to the right to clear the steering shaft. I think (if I remember correctly) that some of the later front engine mounts are not as thick as the original, thus causing some interference with the steering shaft. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

In the distant past, a PO removed about a 1/4 inch by 2 at the edge of the engine mount to clear the steering column on my TD. I was able place the engine steady to a neutral point. I can understand Dave D.'s comment. Never put it all together in my head before.

Dave Braun

Are you running "spacers" on the intake manifold? My car came without them ..but I did install them after a bout with vapor lock years ago. I have my carbs off right now for a good cleaning and was considering leaving the spacers off again. My Volks air cleaners do not fit with the spacers in place so have been running aftermarket ones. The "FRONT" carb on mine is the problem ..not the "REAR" one!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Hi Gene,

Usually it is the Front Vokes Air Cleaner which causes
problems of too close proximity to the Side Engine Panel.It may also pay to check the condition of the rubber buffers at the ends of the engine stay bay plus check for any cracks in the sub bracket under the Water Pump.
Of course a horrible thought could be that the position of the Radiator/Shell in relation to the Body Tub alignment is slightly out !
A gap of 1/4" to 3/8" seems to be the norm if there is one.

Cheers for now.
Rob Grantham

I once took of my TF, "air cleaners", which are designed to keep large rocks and bugs out of the SU's.
It took me about 3 hours to get the forward one off and to put it back on. Even then I had to devise a special thin wrench to tighten the retainer bolts. As it's almost impossible to get your hands on the front bolt I had to lever the block over about a half inch to get at it.
I vowed never to remove them again.
colin stafford

Thanks everyone! I'll have to get under the hood/bonnet and see if I can make some more clearance room without using a hammer. Right now the car is in storage and family matters have to take centre stage. With the car off site, and my visual memory not what it once was, Rob's comment about the front air cleaner being the one with the clearance problem has got me thinking that mine has got to be the same way.
Gene Burgess

If you ever want to remove the Vokes Air Cleaners say to just replace the inner filter element,it is more easily done by releasing the two(2) setscrews where the Air Cleaner is attached to the Carby body thus enabling the whole Air Cleaner to be removed.

The original Vokes Air Cleaners had three(3) different types of setscrews.They notoriously are missing and often replaced unfortunately with different types,by POs!This can make life harder when removal needs to be done.

The setscrews which attach the face 'Vokes' cover, are very short(only a 3/8" shank) AND have a much shallower head when compared to a generally manufactured setscrew.A lock washer should be evident under the head of each setscrew.

Also,the head of the setscrew which attaches the Air Cleaner to the Carby body,(ie.the one setcrew on each
Air Cleaner positioned closest to the Radiator end)has a very deep,slotted hex head to assist in removal.
The slotted, head depth is an unusual 7/16".Shank length of 13/16".

As per usual,the Factory did things for a reason.

Cheers for now.
Rob Grantham

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