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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Firewall

Does any one know if the firewall of the TF and TD are interchangeable?
David werblow

I do not think they can be the samesin the TF is 2 inches lower at the front of the cowl,
Don Harmer

I believe the TF battery and tool boxes are different as well. Aside from being lower isn't the TF a bit wider also?
If you need it I can take a picture of the TF with tape measure in the shot..if that would help, let me know.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

I believe they are the same. I can measure the two at home. Might be a bit though. Going through funeral arangements and the stuff that surounds them.


I believe that the Firewalls are differnet with the footplate bulkheads being identical. I know this because i'm pulling a "B" series engine with MGA gearbox out of my TF that a PO had put in and I had to find another bulkhead to replace my old one that is cut up.
Rod M 54 TF
Rod Murray

I don't think they are the same - the body line at the rear of the bonnet (and front of the cowl) is slanted more on the TF. This would mean the back of the firewall has a rake that is "leaned back" more - as is the windshield.

I hope that makes some sense - long week and I am at a loss for proper terms.

J. W. Delk

Other differences would be the placement of the wiper motor on the TF firewall and the relocation of the two horns - from the firewall to the front chassis on a TF. The later TFs also have the fuel pump mounted in a different location - moved from right side of the tool box to the right rear chassis.

I am sure you can find a TD firewall out there
J. W. Delk

I'll snap a few pics for you today!
David Sheward

...and I'll find the camera by Sunday night!
Passanger side. That is a standard 3' yard stick in photo if that helps.
55 TF1500 #7427

David Sheward

Drivers side:

David Sheward

Thanks for all your help; I was wondering if a TD one would work but I have located a TF firewall. Thanks again.

David werblow

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