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MG TD TF 1500 - TF fuel pump location

My fuel pump location is on the firewall. Since this is an early TF I thought it correct until I removed the tub. There is a lug on the frame where I believe the fuel pump should be.

Do all cars with a frame lug have the pump mounted there or are there some cars with the lug but with the fuel pump located in the TD position?

J E Carroll

Frame lug (under 20+ years of body shop dust)

J E Carroll

I don't know about the back mounting plate but your front fuel pump mounting bracket looks like the ones that came on the TDC's with dual fuel pumps.
R Taylor

The first 1,000 chassies had the firewall pump. Then (at chassis # 1500)the rear frame pump. Some later cars have had the pump moved forwards for ease of maintenance. A previous owner added a second pump to the firewall of my late TF, connected in-line with the rear pump, so if the rear pump fails then I simply flick a switch and keep going. May I ask your car I.D./chassis number?

Matthew Magilton

JE - According to the T Series Handbook, published by the New England MG 'T' Register, Starting with chassis #TF1501 ( Dec 4, 1953)"The fuel pump was changed from an SU type AUA25 low pressure unit mounted mounted on the firewall to a Type AUA54 high pressure unit mounted on the right hand frame rail in front of the rear wheel arch..."

If you find that your car should, in fact have the pump mounted in the back of the car on the frame rail (a preferred location for efficiency), you will need to get the proper, high pressure pump (AZX 1331). While a high pressure pump will work fine located on the firewall, the AUA 25 low pressure pump is marginal, at best, when located on the frame rail. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

It sounds like it should be on the frame; my car is somewhere around 2600; I'd have to go look.

Since I have no real history on the car I'm not surprised.
J E Carroll

...I would leave it exactly where it is... they do break down, and much easier to tap/clean/repair where it is....honest!
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I agree with leaving it where it is for access purposes if nothing else. Unless of course your going for a concourse restoration. Mine is in in the rear and a royal PITA to work on! I'm going to design a sealed removable panel above it in the curtain box floor. I'm even putting an auxiliary pump in line just in case. PJ

P Jennings

Just a thought:
TF 7427 is "on rear rail" and I have had to swap it out before.
I actually prefer this location.

Worst case (on the road) may be easier to remove wheel to get at if using stock jack to preform the task.
I run a fuel filter after the pump back there also.

I prefer to deal with "dripping gas" at that location instead of in the bonnet when I change my filter.
David Sheward

While you're at it ...great time to ad a cut off switch for the pump!
Face it ....this has got to be one of the easiest cars in the world to hot-wire!
A hidden "switch" makes it so the car is only going to go as far as the fuel in the floats.

I have done this to every LBC I have owned since the early 70's. Got an Austin "back" once when thief's left it on the side of the road and ran away when it sputtered and died.

"Tickler pins" have been known to stick also so it is a nice safty feature.

I also get a small "break" on my insurance cost for having this on the car.
David Sheward

"Face it ....this has got to be one of the easiest cars in the world to hot-wire!"

True, but it also has one of the best anti-theft devices known to man factory installed - it's called a flyoff hand brake. Ask anyone you know that is not familiar with the early MGs (precious few) to release the hand brake and see how many succeed in doing so. Not sure about a TF, but there are not many who could even figure how to start the car given the key. In spite of hidden switches, fuel cutoff valves, flyoff hand brake or confusing starting routines, there is still no defense against a roll on trailer and a determined thief. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

"no defense against a roll on trailer and a determined thief" be sure!

The "flyoff brake" ...well, I figured it out when I was 3 years old and "drove" my first TF!
(Backwards down a hill,through the woods.)

My best defence now ...Gaurd dawg / Navagator.

If they put the windscreen down they will never get Sunny Dawg out of the passangers seat!

Then again ...if they put the windscreen down, he would no doubt go with them!

David Sheward

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