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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Ignition Timing

Please excuse a gatecrashing from an mga twin cam member! I normally frequent the MGA BBS but would appreciate a bit of TF advice from experts on this site.
I have a friend who has recently finished the restoration of a now beautiful TF finished in two-tone green and cream. A real beauty! The 1250cc engine has been completely rebuilt and is, I believe, in pretty standard state of original tune, ie. no special go-faster camshaft or whatever.
The question - what would likely be the "normal" numbers for such an engine for static advance, idle dynamic advance, and maximum extended advance at high rpm, all measured at the crankshaft? I'm sure someone will say, understandably, that it all depends! But some reasonable indication would be really helpful.
Bruce Mayo

Bruce the manual calls for static setting of 0 degrees ATDC. That said with todays fuels I'd recomend an intitial setting of about 5 degrees BTDC.
Unless he marked his crankshaft pulley, there isn't any acurate method for dynamic timing without an advance timing light.
LaVerne Downey

Pass this link on to your TF Friend:
Don't have tyme to look for it this am (gotta leave)...but pretty sure if he looks at "Pertronics install" Bud has some good info on timming in there.
David Sheward

Hi Bruce,

Following on from LaVerne's sound advice, 5mm in advance from notch on crankshaft pulley is about right for static timing. If car is completely assembled access to pulley is difficult on a TF, (unlike a TD!) so 5mm wide long piece of metal/stick approached fom above will give a pretty good measurement from the existing notch.

Also more info. in the Archives.


J C Mitchell


You won't notice much idle dynamic advance under 600 rpm. At 1000 rpm try about 11 degrees BTDC. Maximum extended advance at high RPM should be around 32 degrees, or about 27mm. If the distributor isn't capable of that, have the weights and springs checked and set up on a tester.

Dave Braun

Ideal guys. Just what I needed. Goes to prove there's not a great deal of difference in the basics between years and models! But thanks again.
Bruce Mayo

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