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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Instrument cluster panel trim

I recently acquired mgtf 4170. At some time in its life it has been 'prettied up' with things like white piping (on a red car!). It also acquired a wooden dash which is now cracking which I shall replace with a proper metal one. Unfortunately it has lost the Cluster Panel Trim (Moss 408-195). Moss says it's N/A. Likewise NTG Servies who call it C933 Chrome Outer Ring - Instrument Panel.
So I'd like to hear from anyone with ideas on how to acquire one, however rusty. Or maybe someone knows someone who can make such an item?
C. O. Young

Hi, it can be acquired right here in your neighbourhood. I am near Victoria, B.C. and have this item as well as the metal dash. Please send me an email if you are still looking.
Cheers, Hugh Pite
H.D. Pite

Great news, Hugh. I've sent you an email!

Colin Young
C. O. Young

Hi Colin, I must apologize for acting hastily. It appears I do not have the chrome trim you need. I must have sold it some time in the past and forgot to note that it was gone.
Cheers, Hugh
H.D. Pite

Is that the same cross-section as is used on a TD where Moss calls it 'bead'?? Bud
Bud Krueger

Abingdon Spares lists it, no clue if really in stock or not.
George Butz

Different animal Bud

L E D LaVerne

I tried Abingdon Spares, George, but it's not in stock there either and they dont have a date. (they're "having trouble with the supplier")
So, thanks for all your thoughts. Luckily Hugh is willing to loan me the item, so my next challenge is to find a fabricator! Looking forward to meeting you in Victoria, Hugh.
C. O. Young

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