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MG TD TF 1500 - TF instrument panel, dash, guages, LHD VS RHD

There have been questions lately relating to the differences between RHD and LHD instrument panels, so I thought I would do a little research to try and establish what the differences are. I asked the owners of two very original LHD TF's some questions and both Colin Stafford (who has a very original unrestored example) and Gord Clark (who has owned his from new) were very helpfull to my request. I compared their cars to my unrestored RHD instrument panel (which matches other unrestored RHD cars over here as well as the TF handbook) to see what the differences are. It appears that the starter and choke are swapped depending on the market with the starter being closest to the steering wheel. Also, the rev' counter and speedo' are also swapped with the rev counter being closest to the driver. No other switches or guages are swapped and the warning lights are the same for both markets (blue-red-green). Excuse me if I am repeating what some already know.

Gord has kindly sent me a photo of his original biscuit dash which I have attached with permission.

If anybody has information to the contrary then I would be happy to hear from them, but it would be helpfull to me if they were quoting from an unrestored car.


Matthew Magilton

Well ...I still have it wrong!
My start & choke are reversed. (I'm RHD there)
At this point it's going to stay that way as I know I'll forget and keep pulling the choke to start the car!
Drove it for about 5 years with speedo & tach in the wrong place.
Guess there must not have been enough slack on the harness to swap the aux & panel lamp switches at the factory.

Matthew: Must be in a real safe place...still haven't found the TF stamps...I'm looking!
David Sheward

This thread was discussed on 01/06/2011

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