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MG TD TF 1500 - TF/MGB mix

Forgive me purists...I've been looking at this B/F on ebay out of Boise Id. A very nice job. My question is, does this "upgrade" really work for those who love the appearance of the TD or TF, but would like the power and reliability of the B drive train. Have YOU tried this mod. Is this a good marriage? Once again, forgive me may only be a dream!

Joe Walck

Maybe not a bad buy wiht the original engine included, Wonder what the final bid will be?
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I don't see why it wouldn't a good idea if well done. I'd have a few issues with this one. Blue shocks, rats nest with the wiring, MGA steering wheel and the gauges. Wonder what he came up with for the clutch and brake cylinders? I suspect there is no way to mount any air filters to the carbs. If I blew the TF motor up and I just couldn't find a replacement block then the B engine and tranny is the way I would go. If I were to do that though I would most definatly use a 5 main block and full syncro tranny. The original engine and tranny come with the car.... Wonder if they are rebuildable?

I agree...the 5 main bearing B engine is just so nice.... there is a TD out there (Britain) that was extremely well installed....understand there is an issue with the steering shaft on left hand drives?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

FYI--Owner let me know, his asking is 23k.
Joe Walck

At 23 grand in todays market I'd say it's worth it only if the XPEG engine is salvagable. The XPEG engines are impossible to find. If it's toast then I'd think he is about 3 to 5 grand to high.

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