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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Pedal Box ?

Hummm...never noticed this before.
Think I am missing a part.
There should be a cover on this ...correct?
Shouldn't be too hard to make one.

David Sheward

Good Grief, man - you have been driving it like that? Cannot imagine the horrendous consquenses of operation without this vital component. Might even catch fire in the middle of Texas on a dark and stormy night.
Then again - maybe not. If'n you don't feel like cuttin' one out, just shoot me an address. Think I've got a couple in the bin. Dan
Dan Craig

But, it's a good image of the pedal stop. Bud
Bud Krueger

While your are at it, you might want to look for a large rubber or plastic plug to install in that large non-standard hole in the bottom of your pedal box. That too has to be a dirt and grime eater.
Jim Merz

I think that's a standard opening on later cars Jim. Identical to my TF.

I don't have that large round hole in the bottom of my TD pedal box. Does anyone know it's purpose?

George Raham [TD4224]

Is yours "pluged"?
I was looking at that also and going to see how close it is to the one for master brake cylinder tomorrow.
Think it might be same size?
Looks a little better under there after spending the entire day cleaning the bottom of the car. Nastie job ...but needed done. Figure another day cleaning some surface rust and touching up my paint and I'll be good to go. Then I can find out for sure if I got all the oil leaks!
David Sheward

Just a guess ...maybe only on cars with clutch rod, and not those with cable?
David Sheward

Yep, my TF has that opening in the pedal box. I wonder if the rubber plug for the master cylinder inspection cover will fit that opening? My car if put away now. Can someone check?

'54 TF
Tom Norby

Mine is open too. The master cylinder floor plug is too small to fill the hole. Had the same thought you did.

The hole is in my pedal box as well. I don't have the stop. Interesting thing about the cover is that it takes 3 bolts and one nut on the threaded stud to hold it on. Persumably so you could remove three bolts and loosen the nut to allow the cover to pivot down and away without removing it... but couldn't you have done that by just allowing the fourth bolt (if so equipped) to remain in place and pivot on the shank of the bolt?

David, this is what happens when you get a lift and you start wandering around under your car.

Dave Braun

I think the nut on the lower right side is because if a bolt were put in like the others it could contact the shaft in there. Make sence?
Dave ...your right, but my meandering found a few things that needed some attention.
Also discovered my rear most tailpipe hanger was totally disconected from the clamp. If you have the "newer style" you might want to check them. Evidently the hanger is "glued" to the rubber. (or it was) Not a very good design IMHO. I drilled a hole in it and bolted it together.
Sure I will find more today.
David Sheward

The kindness of others on this board never ceases to amaze me. Thanks Dan...owe you some beers!

David Sheward

Don't plug the bottom hole, thats where the water drains out again......


Jan Kristoffersen


That's the same repair I made to one of my hangers.

Dave Braun

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