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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Running Board Strips

Were the original metal running board strips plain polished metal or did they have black vinyl/rubber inserts? I've seen both and the ones on my car were plain polished metal. I have no idea if they were original or not, but I doubt it. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Inserts on earlier T cars Paul. All metal on the TF's
MG LaVerne

Hi Paul,

TFs-the running board strips were brass,chromeplated from the Factory.No rubber inserts.

Rob Grantham

Thanks for that info. Mine are not original if the originals were chromed brass, as mine look and feel like aluminum. Are any of the repos in the original brass style? Or, should I have my aluminum ones chromed? PJ
Paul S Jennings

Get them chromed or buy new ones already chromed or check ebay for originals.
Frank Cronin

I guess I'll get them chromed as they are in nice shape but dull looking. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Certainly chromed brass. Will aluminium take chrominm plating? I have some spare strips if anyone is short of one or two but the postage costs to overseas would be very high. They are only available as complete sets. Same applies to the side screen strips and I am short of one! They are also brass so I will have to file one up from a solid bar.

Happy Christmas to all

Jan T
J Targosz

The strips PJ has are probably polished stainless. Should be ok to chrome.
Frank Cronin

Jan I have lots of mouldings, which one do you need?

I can get it to Oxford UK in January.
Rod Brayshaw

Hi Rod,

That's really kind of you (and typical of the people who subscribe to this forum). The one I need is the shortest i.e. 9" long. The plating quality is irrelevant since I will be taking the whole lot to be rechromed. I live in Scotland which is about 400 miles from Oxford but I do have friends who live there so we can sort something out. If you are comming over here personally it's a pitty it's not a little later in the year. If it had been you would have been able to go to the mg spares Day in Coventry.

A wee note for Paul - the original strips are pressed out of thin metal and are "hollow" so "T" nuts can slide inside them. I don't think thin aluminium would be strong enough. From what I remember from my TD days the aluminium strips were solid and were fastened with screws under the plastic rubbing strip. If they are stainless there's no need for plating they will polish up easilly - I did this to my stainless hub caps.

The new ones I purchased from Brown and Gammons a few weeks ago are chromed brass

Jan T
J Targosz

Thanks Jan for that info. Even if I wanted, I can't order the strips from B&G as their length controls shipping price. I wanted to order two bonnet strips from them, but they got back to me and said the shipping would be, believe it or not, 68.00! Yes, that's the price they gave me. That is absolutely crazy! Needless to say I dumped that order! PJ
Paul S Jennings

Jan, I have your 9" chrome on brass strip. It has 3 very small dings on the top face, easily repairable.

email me and I will give you a UK contact details.

Merry Christmas

Found out mine won't stick to a magnet, so their not steel, but their very light in weight. Why I thought they were Aluminum. PJ
Paul S Jennings

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