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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Seats Reupholstering question

The TF seats will need everything new (wood tacking strips, seat covers, wood/foam platen, T-nuts, seat back springs, and all stuffing material).

Do I need to use Moss' horsehair seat back stuffing, or can a good upholsterer replicate the finished product with modern substitute material, and make it look good?

thanks for any help.

Tyler Irwin

Hi Tyler,

The TF seats rebuild is an interesting exercise. The original Dunlop
'pocketed' cushion rubber makes for the most comfortable seat.
However,as you have possibly found,this cushion rubber is often missing or has already been replaced with the modern foam.

You can rebuild the cushion using different densities of cut and glued foam to achieve a satisfactory 'comfort' result.

The back/squab of the set can be re packed using coconut fibre.Works well.

The wooden laths are easy to replicate as they are just flat ply wood and reattached with bifurcated rivets.

I like to add two(2) more springs to the upper section of the seat back frame. This helps tp prevent the backing piece of the seat being stretched out of form over time.

It is important to line up the pleats of both the seat cushion and the seat squab when tacking the leather covers on. Even the 'experts' can get that one wrong !

John Lambie and I have have written an article on TF seat rebuilding and TF interior upholstering which is now on 'The Original MG midget'
web site.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

thanks Rob,

Sadly, most of the wood slats were either rotted or splintered to pieces, preventing templates being made for new ones. I could probably make new ones if someone had a complete set of good old ones to use (I have the plywood).

The original rubber cushion is likewise, destroyed. It is rotted and compressed (appears to be bit melted) to about 2 inches thick.

I was hoping to use something a bit more modern than coconut fibers for the back rest. Has anyone successfully rebuilt a TF seat back with some other type of filling?

Tyler Irwin

I used a combination of synthetic materials from a fabric store Tyler. I think it has held up well. The seat foams from Moss have been comfortable for my road trips but they are showing signs of permanent compression. I think the foam I bought for the backs would have held up better.

MG LaVerne

You can get rubberized hair to replicate the original material from an upholsterer or upholstery supply co.
JK Barter

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