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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Sidecurtain Compartment

I am trying to find a suitable product for the wool felt that lines the compartment without paying $94 at Moss. Has anyone come up with a good solution for this and or the padding for the wheel wells? Thanks for your help.

John Progess

I bought trunk liner from an auto upholstery shop. It's a felt-like synthetic material, and enough for the trunk and wheel covers cost about $20. I decided against the natural felt (rabbit fur) when I was advised that it tended to smell bad and attract moisture more than the synthetic material.
Mark B.


Bought a couple of boot (trunk) mats from two scrap Ford Granadas at the local breakers yard. Absolutely ideal for lining the side screen compartments. Very cheap and shed water if they get wet.

Jan T
J Targosz

I purchased mine from the fabric department at Wal-Mart and Minnesota fabrics for about $6.00. I got padding for a table cover and used it on the side Curtin storage compartment and tool box. It is synthetic and should not attract or store moisture. It also comes in different colors. Make sure you leave the hole in the bottom of the compartment so any water that gets in can run out. I put a one way grommet from a ford truck, only letís water out not in. Hope this helps John
John C. Hambleton III

The TF sidescreen box is quite different to the TD one. In the bottom you will see the removable panel to access the differenial, cut a seperate piece of felt for this. The underside of the lid is also lined with felt, but not the internal sides/walls of the box.

Cheers, Matthew
Matthew Magilton

I'm reviving this thread and wondering if perhaps the best solution is no liner at all?
I was thinking I would just make a bag for the sidecurtains instead. The felt is only intended to protect the contents of the box from scratching I assume...
Geoffrey M Baker

Love to see pictures John and as this is one of my next projects any advice would be very much appreciated.
D Lamb

I just fitted one large piece of black felt across the floor of the sidescreen box. Its loose, so can be easily removed to provide access to the removable centre panel yet provides a good surface for the sidescreens to lay on.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Does anyone have a pattern to make a set of side curtain storage bags? This sounds like an excellent project.
Jack Long

Just trace a line around your screens and you will have a pattern.

M Magilton

I think that if you bag TF sidescreens they will be too bulky to fit in the box.
It is already like solving a Rubik's Cube without making it more difficult.
I very seldom put the rears away, I just slip them behind the seats with the fronts stowed in the box.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Ray makes a valid point. I just wrap mine in thin T shirts and still have to apply pressure to close the snap on the TF box. That is following the handbook packing instructions too.

M Magilton

Attn Ray Lee, I 'm not often on this forum but I notice from your above post that your TF is close to mine, I'm TF2886. I now live near Tewkesbury JCN 9 on the M5 if you are ever in the area....
Regards Eddie
E I Buckley

IMHO: Best thing you can do is replace the 3 piece floor in the compartment with a single piece sealed floor. (checking the diffy level from under the car has not been a big deal for me) My side curtains were rusted and smelled funky when I got the car....nice and dry now.

I "enlarged" my compartment and added a lock under the stock looking strap. Easier to fit the curtains in and now have a wealth of space for "spares".
Also dropped some stainless pans in the floor for more storage of spares.

Felt came from Joann fabrics for about $5.00. (still dry after 12+ years.

You can see the mods here:

Not "original" ....but functional!
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Not wanting to hijack.
Eddie I am up in Merseyside (Cheshire)
Is your TF still grey, as most seem to have been repainted.
Ray Lee

David Sheward, when your fuel pump dies you'll regret not having access thru the centre panel. With this it is a quick, roadside swap for a replacement: without, jack and support, wheel off, and wriggle around underneath swallowing spilt fuel and trying to find invisible fasteners. See my 'I'm an Idiot' post.

Safety Hint: No Smoking.

David Provan

David, see for an idea of getting back to the barn. Bud
Bud Krueger

Here is a very simple side curtain bag. It has a Velcro flap cover. It is made from water prof material. I just put it behind the seats when I drive. Cost was $6.00.


JWP Policastro

JWP, does it have separators/pockets to keep the screens from rubbing against each other?

M Magilton

Matthew No separate pockets. I just put a 3/8" piece of flexible foam between. That works great. Whole idea was to keep it simple and inexpensive.

MG emblem more expensive then bag.

I also attached a bag I had made for my TR 3 side curtains. It cost $80. It matches the interior color of the car so I can put it behind the seats or in the trunk and it has a zipper and handle. These are much heavier then the TD ones.

Hope this answer your question.


JWP Policastro

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