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MG TD TF 1500 - TF specification book

It's been a year since I asked if anyone had checked into the mgtf specification book for sale by Britbooks - it's advertised as listing every nut, bolt, clip, washer on the TF. I finally bought one and Eric at Britbooks has discounted it because the copies turned out awful (and he was right). The pages that are readable are very interesting if one is interested in what the factory production paperwork called for (not necessarily what was actually used). If anyone else has this book, there are a few pages that are completely unreadable and I would appreciate if they could send or e-mail me the missing info. (I won't waste the board's time describing them here, I'll do that offline) This is all going towards updating the fastener spreadsheet I've provided here before.

Terry Jacobs

Does this book include the interiour, such as upholstery, or is it just the mechanical side? Can you list the chapters?

Cheers, Matthew.
Matthew Magilton

No details about the interior, except some carpet installation details.

Sheets are labeled:
Chassis Frame
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Power unit and Details
Propeller Shaft
Exhaust System
Steering Column and Mounting
Petrol System
Lockheed System
Dash Fittings
Electrical Equipment
Running Boards
Wings and Valences
Number Plates
Spare Wheel Carrier
Optional Extras

Listed in the Index, but missing from the book:
Timber Summary

Typical entry:

Support Bracket - Steering Column to Frame FB105/7Z 5/16" BSF x 7/8" Hex Hd Bolt (2)
FN105/Z 5/16" BSF Hex Nut (2)
SW105/Z 5/16" Dia Spring Washer (2)
PW205/Z 5/16"x1"x.092" Plain washer (2)
Terry Jacobs

Thanks Terry. Sounds similar to the Service Parts List, but much more detailed. I will have to watch out for that one.

Cheers, Matthew.
Matthew Magilton

When I was at the MGCC in Abingdon a few years ago, someone there (I now sure wish I'd asked his name!) had a complete factory-original Bill Of Materials book for the TF, that he was letting selected people have a look at.

It was a big well-worn A4-size binder about 4 inches thick, In hindsight, I can only guess that there must have been 300 or 350 pages in there! But it had data I'd never before seen, like ALL the measurements of the TF fenders. The curves were defined in geometric terms - everything. Every nut and bolt was described with precise measurements. It also had some pages with the special tools they used in assembly.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Maybe this book has the info that I was looking for tonight....the size of the screw that goes into the pinch gizmo that is part of the TF bonnet latch. The gizmo looks like an H when the latch is disassembled.
Also what kind of pin was used to connect the pushbutton to the gizmo??
Thanks in advance
Terry in Oakland, CA

The thread in the gizmo is definitely not BA but its about the size of our #8 screw.
Terry Sanders

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MG TD TF 1500 index

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