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MG TD TF 1500 - TF tank filter

After several weeks of pure enjoyment, I have successfully cleaned out my gas tank on my 55 TF and coated it with a product from Eastwood. What a job! Not wanting to repaint my tank, I had to take special care with all of the cleaning agents involved, especially the acetone and thinning products, not to mention the coating itself, which I only got on one spot, right in the very middle of the tank! Hopefully, the wheel will mask the white thumb print.
My question to you all is whether to leave the small filter attached to the outlet of the tank, or use just and in-line filter. The filter attached to the outlet seems very small and looks like it could easily clog, and the only way to replace it is to drain the tank again.
Does everyone use the in-tank filter?

Can't speak for everyone, Cleve, but I certainly use it, along with the filters in the fuel pump and the carburetor inlet screens.
Bud Krueger

I still have the internal filter in the tank,, but have also added a (clear) inline filter in the fuel line at the outlet of the tank,,, after many, many miles,I haven't had any problem with the internal filter clogging up... (external filter replaced once)
Steve Wincze


After I had our current TFs Fuel Tank cleaned and then pressure tested by a professional company in that line of business,I fitted a new intank filter,(exactly like the original one)plus all the other filters Bud K. mentioned.After 6 years of running the chassis,there has never been any evidence,anywhere in the fuel line of unwanted 'foreign' debris .Manufacturers usually do things for good reason.Before the tank was thoroughly cleaned, I seem to remember many flakes of dried,shellac like,pieces sitting in the bottom of the tank!

Rob. Grantham
Rob. Grantham

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