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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Tonneau Cover Lift The Dots Quantity Photo2

Here's a photo showing the rear panel without any studs. When I disassembled the car last year I noticed that there wasn't any studs but I forgot about it until now. Any input about how many total studs are correct?

L Staller

My research shows two between the fuel tank straps. Moss instructions, several books with pictures and the original on the mgtf site TF9052 seem to agree.
R Brown

R Brown, I looked at the photos of TF9052 a million times for all sorts of info. I looked again earlier and found that in photo 240 it shows the studs on the corner of the 1/4 panel but nothing on the rear panel.
And, the Moss instructions are for a TD not a TF. Would it be possible to post a few photos showing the two studs above the gas tank on a TF? Until I'm satisfied with some more research I'm not going to drill any holes. Right now there's no rush. Thanks,
L Staller

Here you go. Search for this in the archives.

Factory 1/2 tonneau lift the dot locations
Christopher Couper


Check the Original MG T series book by Clausager. The back flap has lift-a-dots installed between the tank straps. I chose to install these but it is my understanding that the full tonneau was a dealer or after market item and it was installer discretion. If you go to the Moss website and look up tonneau cover and then click on INFO you will find the directions for installation. It shows the two posts between the tank straps. But again I believe it is owner preference. Good luck
R Brown

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