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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Tools

Attached is a picture of tools that I found in one of the boxes that contained the TF I'm finishing. Does this look like the correct jack? There was another one in the box, but it was way tall and was a ratcheting jack. Looks like the car came with a tyre pump, and a grease gun. There is even a Lockheed brake bleeder hose. I thought I was done with the bead blasting cabinet, but I guess not! Mike

MW Davis

Mike the jack in the dark picture you attached looks to be correct but you seem to be missing the second extension for it. The bent up bar in the picture is supposed to be straight and fits into the missing extension to provide the leverage needed to operate the jack. Or it can be used with the three tube type box wrenches you show.
There are supposed to be two of the flat iron tire tools of which you apparently only have one.
The hammer looks like it might be of the copper type normally used for wire wheels.
Jim Merz

Thanks for the verification, Jim. The extension in the picture has a hole in the end, apparently for the bent up little bar. Maybe I can make another extension out of bar stock and fashion some kind of socket on the end. It looks like the bent bar would fit the wrenches too. The hammer is copper, but I have one of those really cool wood wrenches for the knock-offs, from Moss. it works great.
MW Davis

It looks like you are missing the spanners from the tool kit. I'm not familiar with the item under the grease gun. The jack itself looks correct.

George Raham [TD4224]


Here is the piece you need for the handle.

James Neel 53TD 28423

Yep, spanners missing (cyl. head/tappet nuts), adjustable wrench and pliers also missing. Hate to say it, but that sure looks like an old Ford truck jack, not the King Dick or Shelly T-series type, which have a broad and rounded cast base. George
George Butz

Also missing :
Screw driver and the small ball-pien hammer used to "re-activate" the starter!
David Sheward

The feeler gauge also looks correct. May have KING DICK stamped in the thicker portion of the device.


Jim Haskins

1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

Also missing a fully charged cell phone, Neosporin and band aids.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

Most important item missing: Master or Visa Card.
David Werblow


Very very funny! But so true.

Mike Sutton

If all else fails ...won't fix it, but it helps!

David Sheward

...had a chance to photograph a fairly original TF a few years ago....this set seems even more complete....mine didn't have a tire pump that I found.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Thanks gents! I'll just not worry about having a tool set since I'm missing so many pieces of it. Maybe I can get a look at a friend's jack to see if I have the real McCoy. I am almost done ("done?") with this car and just have the front wings to put on now. Got the running boards on today and then got out the beer and crackers. I have driven it 10 miles with no wings to see if anything would fall off or catch fire. So far so good! The fact that I have any tools at all that came with the car is a miracle in itself. I do have the original ratty owner's and service manuals. Mike
MW Davis

Believe this to be a fairly complete complament.

Somewhere I have another pic with "names/sizes" on it. Will post that if I find it.


David Sheward

That is the most complete kit I have ever seen. One that came with my tool kit, that I still use on a regular basis, is the small adjustable "KingDick" that seems to be missing. My original kit did not include all that is shown, but that little wrench is one great tool.

George Raham [TD4224]

Found it ...I knew I had done this at some point years ago!
The one marked "dealer option for TD" is a handy plug wrench. Use it all the time.
(Aquired years ago on an ebay auction.)
If it "really" was a dealer sold option...I don't know.
That is what the advert "said" when I purchased it.

David Sheward

In the "Pouch" and tyre presure gage. (Also from a ebay auction).

BTW: The jack in my first photo is a "re-pro" from Moss.

David Sheward

For the "concourse crowd".
My belief is the screw driver could have been wood, or bakelite handle king dick as pictured.
Not sure ...but believe wood on earlier cars ...possibly bakelite on later TF's?

"Kit" for long trips: LOL

David Sheward

Based on the great pictures, I have the wrong jack, as noted earlier in this chain. Oh, well! Mike
MW Davis

And what do you do with your luggage?

George Raham [TD4224]

David, you are right about the screw drivers.. The bakelite "King Dick" was found in most TF's, though the "perfect pattern" wooden handle, usually "Shelley" was found in many T Series, Y's, and sometimes in a TF. You have all heard it said that the factory used whatever was available, and that I believe.
Larry Brown

George ,
Strap it to the spare wheel or in the boot!

I think your the one that told me that! LOL.

My experance : If 2 or more people agree's a fact on an M.G. ;-)!
David Sheward

I think that this "perfect Pattern" marked Shelley screwdriver as well as the Shelley marked hammer are correct for some TFs.

J K Barter

JK has one of the right screwdrivers there, the KD perfect pattern and the KD bakerlite are the other two.
JK also has the right ball pein hammer with its oak handle. Also his pliers are right, note the broad shank on these.

I have attached a pic of my toolkit which has seen relatively little use (3 owner car).

Matthew Magilton

Matthew, one of the nicest original kits I have seen. Is the greaser 1D or 1H, and is the feeler gauge marked King Dick? Are you missing the tappet spanner? Thanks. Larry
Larry Brown

Very nice!
Hope I did not "misslead" anyone.
My kit is a "collection" that has been put together over the years...NOT an "original kit", as Matthew has shared with us here. You will note his is still in the correct pouch also ...something that is pretty had to find as they kind of dissenagrated over the years!
David Sheward

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