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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Valve Cover Paint color

What color is the valve cover of a TF? Is it the same as Healey green, a light greeny color?

Tyler, there seems to be a debate as to whether the valve covers were a very light green or silver. The shade of green if correct is definatley much lighter than the Healey green. Take a look at the " Original mgtf" web site for various parts and their correct colors.


It was a shade of light green, I think Chris Cooper has the pictures of an original TF engine and valve cover on his web site.
It has been variously called silver green, or silver gray, cousing some confusion with wire wheel silver or other silvers.

It is the same color that very early TC firewalls were painted.
Bill Hirsch stocks the correct color.

It is such an ugly color that most dealers repainted the silver to mimic the early TC "coffin" valve cover of aluminium (hence the confusion as to what was "original")

The legend is that is left over tank camafluage paint from MG's wartime efforts and they had a very large storage vessel full of it
Don Harmer

Thanks. So, what is recommended, or what is the accepted norm these days? How do I find Bill Hirsch?

Tyler, I also have an Austin Healey 3000 and the engine spray paint sold by Moss is a light silver green, which is as close to a "silver green" as I have seen. This paint matches the later Healeys, and is lighter than the paint on some of the very early motors.
I also remember the valve covers painted with the silver wheel paint. Mine is painted with the Moss Healey green-

Dallas Congleton

Hi Tyler,

Over the years I have stripped seven(7)TF Rocker Covers down to bare metal. I always take the small brass clearance badge off the covers in preparation for painting. In every case,the paint under this badge, presumably from the factory as the 2 small rivets holding the badge looked untouched,is more like the wheel colour(a silver shade lighter) and without any trace of green! The debate rages on.......

Rob. Grantham

Thanks folks, gloss silver (nonmetallic) it is. The Original TF web site was enlightening.
Many more questions later.

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