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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Wiper motor wiring

1954 mgtf: Rewired entire car. A green wire from harness is at wiper motor. There are 3 possible wire connections to wiper motor. Which one does the green wire go to? There are 2 wires coming from wiper turning knob on drivers side inside glove box. One is black and one is purple. What do they get connected to? There is a black ground wire with a eyelet on the end that comes out of the wiring harness at the location of the wiper motor. Does this black ground wire get connected to the wiper motor? If so to which of the three possible wire connections? If not what is it for? I do not have a heater unit.
Ed Eastman

Ed E. There is an error in the wiring diagram in the Workshop Manual. The diagram does not show the switch in the ground lead of the wiper motor. The motor is mounted on rubber insulators so it needs a ground wire even though it gets it's running ground through the switch at the drivers side glove box. I had to add a wire to the harness I bought from Moss to go back to the drivers side switch.

When the TSO published the wiring diagrams for the 'T' series a while ago I complained loudly about reproducing an incorrect diagram and they did fix it. So the only diagram that I know of that is correct is the one from the TSO.

If this is confusing enough send me an email and I will try to answer your questions.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

Hot ignition switched wire (green) to one of screw terminals on wiper motor.
One Wire to wiper switch to 2nd screw terminal.

Return wire fron terminal to case screw on wiper ( this one usually has a loop on it and is black, to one of the hex head screws on cover)

You may also need a wire to ground from the case

It's hot wire to motor, motor to switch, swtch to case and ground.

The switch is on the ground side of trhe motor!!!!
Don Harmer

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