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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Wiper Switch By Pass

I was tired of never getting my wipers to going as the manual push and engage switch was never working...or only worked for a while then got out of synch.

I just positioned the wipers 'on', broke the black wire and used the Auxilary fog light switch.
It worked first time.

Simple I know but there is a certain joy when something that should be simple turns out to actually be simple and works first time.

In Ireland Rainex is never enough :-)

Dave Moore

Locked mine in "on" a long time ago and added a toggle under the dash. I have locking glove box covers ...that was no fun. Can actually get them on before it stops raining now.
David Sheward

I'll one up ya both...two speeds.

"I just positioned the wipers 'on', broke the black wire and used the Auxilary fog light switch. "

- which means that you do not have auxiliary fog lights?

Anyway, do you mean the black wire connected to the wiper motor? I could find a place for a toggle switch somewhere, perhaps on a small bracket together with my stylish new internally illuminated heater rheostat switch bought on Ebay.
Jan Kristoffersen

I don't have auxilary fog lights so I could use the switch.

It was the black wire connected to the motor - it went in through the scuttle already.

I bought an extra toggle switch and it was while sitting in the drivers seat trying to figure out where to put it that I had my eureka moment...

Dave Moore

Yep that wire does kind of show up near there.
As an OBTW ...if you ever add foglights or other things.
I use the aux switch as an "on" function for a varity of things. I made a little panel with toggles that are "pre-select" for the aux switch. Depending what toggles are pre-selected the aux knob can activate any combonation of :
fog lamp / driving lamp / Hunting Lamp / Map light.
Another little trick is to replace the single pole aux switch with a dual pole switch like the on for lights. (Parking lights/Head lamps)
Mine is that way but haven't hooked anything up to the 2nd pole yet.
(maybe the tea kettle?)
David Sheward

Note to LaVerne-- Nice video but you can't leave us hanging! Please tell us how you worked a two speed wiper system? I can add some begging also. I wired mine to a separate toggle switch mounted near the steering wheel. The aux switch is wired to the front lights that we always seem to keep covered. A two speed system would be great, or at least a one speed system that might work for something other than a very light drizzle.
LD Kanaster

Go to the archives and type in...

Does anybody drive their TF in all weather

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