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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Wiring

Could somebody with a TF please post a photo of the scuttle where the wiring comes through.
I am in the middle of a rewire and forgot to photo before ripping out the harness.
I appear to have more holes in it than are required to fasten down the coil,fuseblock and indicator relay box and would like them to be correct
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Your wish is my command,as ive just done mine.
I will Email you a link to my pics album with more!


Hi Ray,
Do you mean "firewall"? If so, here's a page a cc'd out of a book (or someone sent me), that ID's each hole. I found it helpful when I was in your situation abt 2 yrs ago. If my in-process pix would be of any help to you, they can be found at: <>
54 TF "Emma"

A W Parker

Thank you both, it always suprises me how quickly this board solves problems.
Now I can pick the right ones and the wiring will reach.
Ray Lee

You mean this isn't correct ??? lol

L E D LaVerne

Lavern, the purple is a nice touch. I don't know how you could miss tracing the lines.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

Here is the factory wiring loom on my car.


M Magilton

Hi Ray,

Now that you are really getting into your TF wiring,don't forget the four(4) clips(half open type)that will hold the wiring up for the two(2) upper dash panel lights.
They are affixed to the 'rexine' covered rubber crash roll in four places.

They are often missing and suffice to say that the original type clips are far superior
to the Blue Tac method I have witnessed on some cars!!

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Mathew, Great picture. I'm assuming the "P" clips are original cad plated?

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

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