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MG TD TF 1500 - TF wiring route question

When I bought my 54 TF project it had a Metro engine in it and the entire engine compartment wiring was a mess. I bought a British Wiring Inc complete TF wiring loom set and Im deep into identifying each wire end and where it goes. There are 2 main looms with small add ons. Now my problem... the smaller loom routes along the left frame rail and one end of the loom has the rear end electrics up to the brake master cylinder and then proceeds from there with essentially 2 main branches.... 1 meant to go forward to the front horns and the 2nd that goes up to the signal relay box etc..... now my questions! Does the entire loom stay on the frame rail up to the front horns with the other branch going up inside the engine compartment to the firewall components or does the entire loom go up into the tub then through the firewall on to the horns etc? I cant find anything in the archives to suggest the correct routing for theTF horns and TD horns are on the firewall with a totally different loom setup!
Thanks in advance
Rod Murray TF 3006
Rod Murray 54TF 3006

Gentlemen.... I went back into the archives changed my search words and found the answer so please disregard the above post.... the loom stays on the frame rail.
Rod Murray
Rod Murray 54TF 3006

Hi Rod,

If you haven't seen these pictures which are helpful, they are from Colin Stafford's TF.


Frank Cronin


Frank Cronin

Frank.... thanks for the additional photos!
Rod Murray 54TF 3006

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