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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Wood Dash

I don't know if I ever showed this, but this was the dash in my TF when I bought it. Replaced with the correct one, this went up on the shelf. Had to be done years ago and a lot of work was done on the back to except the gages, turn signal switch etc. To me it was a poor replacement and made no sense to do and compared to the original, it's ugly in my book. PJ

Paul S Jennings

Its not much more than a plank for looks. Maybe the original went missing during a refurb'?

M Magilton

Why would you bother... Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir


Something about your steering wheel center hub looks different. A little flatter maybe? Chrome ring? Maybe just the angle of the picture.

Daniel Nordstrom

Dan, that was an MGA center stuck in there, it was even all beat up! Here's the dash today, slightly different. PJ

Paul S Jennings

As I recall wood dash boards were a pretty cool thing in the 60's and early seventies. I made this is high school wood shop for one of my Studebakers. Never made it into the car. Broke the frame with to much motor. Had a lot of fun though. Kept it all these years thinking maybe I would use it. Nah.


Daniel Nordstrom

Broke the frame? Must not have been a Studebaker engine...
D. Sander

Paul, when I bought my TF in 1983 it had a wooden dash installed, had the pockets cut out. Replaced very quickly with an original.
Larry Brown

Caddy's were pretty much a bolt in. Very heavy. AKA Studilac Overdrive Studes had 4:56 rear ends so that put alot of torque to the ground. The 53's frame was nothing more than heavy duty paper mache. Oh but did we have fun.
Studebaker stole one of GM's design engineers and made a few mods to get around the patent. Their little 289 was a condensed version of the Caddy. Bullet proof.
Daniel Nordstrom

Daniel -

(Way off topic). I feel that the 1953 Studebaker was the best looking American car of the mid-50s; maybe best of ALL the 50s.

LM Cook

The Studebaker and Cadillac V8 engines were great, especially the Caddie engine. Studebaker's in line flat head six was junk. I liked the styling and the design of the post war Studebaker, but they were not good cars. The six was a weak engine, and quality, and reliability were awful.
D. Sander

Thank heavens we have come a long way with TF restoration from the '60s!!

Rob Grantham

There was a stall holder at the Silverstone MG event last week selling second hand TF dashboard parts. He had gauges, switches, beezles and metalwork. Unfortunately I didn't take his details but I am certain others who attended will have.

Jan T
J Targosz

Obviously felt there wasn't enough wood in the car already!
D Lamb

Yes, Studebakers are way off topic, but they are still my first love with old cars. When I sold my last one about two years ago I said I was done with cars. Then of course along comes this TF that I just had to have.
No regrets.

Here's a pic of the best looking body style Studebaker ever built. IMHO
All Avanti running gear.

Daniel Nordstrom

One more and I will stop trying to hi-jack this thread.

Daniel Nordstrom

Have to agree about the Studebakers (sorry about where this thread has wandered). Dad had three. The first was a '51 for Mom's birthday and the second and third were '53 and '55 Presidents. Cool cars that I was too young to drive. Sadly, no pictures (way before digital photos). Long, low, sleek and stylish. I wish TDs and MGBs had the side vents to cool your feet.
J K Chapin

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