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MG TD TF 1500 - TF XPEG Wanted

Hi all.

I know its a shot in the dark,but has anyone in the UK got a complete up and running XPEG1500 engine they dont need?
My cars original engine was used by one of the previous UK owners for his TC.
The engine number was XPEG849.
Car is HDC46/6985 US reg GDM 311, a California import in 1996/7.
It would be really great if I could find the original engine and get it back?
Were you a past owner,was that your TC,have you put its original engine back?
Please can I have my engine back please!
Alternatively if anyone has a good up and running XPAG engine then thats an option.
Am happy to travel anywhere in the UK.

Cheers Dave

Dave Pilkington

Hi Dave,
Have a look here on ebay. Heres a link to an Xpeg for sale not complete but will give you a start.

Heres also a link to a the action watch site you will find useful.

Happy rebuild I restored my TD over 2 years, its now given me pure pleasure for the last 3 years.

Cheers Chris
C A Pick


Heres the head from the engine posted in my last post.

Cheers Chris

PS I have no interest in these postings, but the buy it now price is I think quite reasonable as these engines don't come up too often.
C A Pick


I can't believe it I have found another engine for sale complete and recently overhauled, see link


C A Pick


Here's another use link for spares, and would you believe it another engine, it is an old post though so it may have gone by now.

C A Pick


I don't believe it !!!! heres another engine for sale and at a bargin price.

Well there plenty for you to go at mate!!!!!

C A Pick

I thought you were going to cram a Spridget 1500 in there?
L E D LaVerne

At present I have fitted a recon 1976 MG midget1500 engine and g/box,converted to hydraulic clutch with a MGA dual master.
Just got to find a suitable radiator.
Very little,if anything would need to be undone to fit an original engine/box back in place.
Thanks for all the eng info chris,am aware of some of them,but really want to hold out for a ready to drop in runner!

Dave Pilkington

Thanks again for the links.
After a busy day working on the car and searching the net,and contacting possible leads,I may???,have found a complete,up and running XPEG!
Will post more once I know more!

Well I did find a complete up and running XPEG ready to drop in,but at 8000!!
I think I will pass on this one and keep looking,as theres no immediate desperate need for one!

Still on the lookout!!

hi there i was talking to a Mg parts supplier in sydney australia who has a XPEG block, but wouldn't part with it for less than 4,000 aus.
Tim Pomroy

Pilkie, That is a slick installation. Generator, dizzy, oil filter and carbs all on the correct sides. Appears much more suitable than an MGB engine. Find an alloy "MG" valve cover and you're good to go. Ever think about fitting the Spitfire overdrive gearbox as well?
John Quilter (TD8986)


Google Goldcoast MG Club here in Aus and go to the "Classifieds" There is a full XPEG up for grabs no price you might be able to talk a deal.

G Evans

Cheers,had a look and contacted the vendor,but think that logistics of getting it to the UK would be too costly,unless I can find a person moving back to the UK!


I just spoke with Peter who is selling the XPEG 1500 motor as advertised on the Gold Coast MG Car Club website. It is still for sale, although he has someone in New Zealand showing interest.

He recently sold a TF to someone in WA, and has a 1949 TC up for sale as well.


After seeing your mention of the GCMGCC website above, I will have to go through each classified ad and ensure that they mention location of item for sale.

GCMGCC Webmaster

Stuart Duncan

Thanks Stuart.
I await his Email response to find out what price he wants,and if he can ship to the UK.

I wanted it to look as close to original as poss!!
I have the option of a grey alloy look valve cover,only problem is maybe the carbs too close to the engine bay side panel to fit thin chrome air filters.
Did think about the O/D box but would have to chop the tranny tunnel about to do it,and probably make a bespoke prop.



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