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MG TD TF 1500 - TF1500 Condition and Pricing

Hi All,
I stumbled across a 1955 TF1500. It has nice paint and chrome and a fairly new wiring harness and grubby wire wheels and knockoffs. It also has a 5 speed of unknown origen except it may have been put in in Brunswick, Maine in 2002. The car is from Califoria and sold into Wisconsin in 1983, then to Colorado with the same owner about 5 years ago. It was originally black with red uphostery and is now red with poorly done black upholstery. It has the correct engine number. I read documentation and the engine was redone about 9000 miles ago in 1972 with crank grind, new pistons, etc...and the differential was redone. But it is pretty grubby in there. The car needs brake work from sitting, differential seals (lots of leakage), spring pads, suspension bushings, wiper motor, better side curtains, new hood, and a myriad of details including lots of correct fasteners. So it has some issues. The dealer owner got it from a daughter of deceased parents and wants $21K for it. I said it was not a Condition 2 car but more like a 3. Dealer thinks differently but did not even know it had a non-original 5 speed in it! I can't believe I am considering it since I am still finishing another TF1500! Oh, well, just mental illness. Any thoughts about this in terms of price versus condition? It's all pretty much there but would require some attention and $$$. I will drive it Monday most likely. Mike D.
MW Davis

Need pictures Mike. I think they are way to high. Prices are in the tank and you can get a real nice one for that kind of money. Sounds like you would have to throw a truck load of money at it to make it a safe driver to me. Don't worry about the mental illness thing. It comes with the turf. I went and looked at a rusty Bugeye this morning when I still have two rust bucket MGA's in the shop to get to work on. Sanity prevailed and I passed on the Sprite.

Sounds strong, Mike.
Sanity prevailed?? You OK LaVerne?? Dan
Dan Craig

Not at all Dan. 38 years of marital bliss today. Couldn't bring myself to haul it home today. Now tomorrow.......

IMHO: $21K sounds hi for what you describe.
Like LaVerne said you should be able to find something much nicer for that much.
Just adding up what you know it will need sounds pretty close to another $10k+ by the time you get paint on it. I would think for $30k you could buy a very nice one ...all done.
David Sheward

I think you could find a pretty decent ready to drive one for that much. Check out the thread on TD value. Need to see if the paint is really truly nice- or just buffed out for the last possible time. Check wood also. George
George Butz

Thanks, gents. I figure it is kind of high and you do a great job of bringing some common sense to my irrational panting over another TF. I figure I don't need another project and to make it a safe driver would require a fair amount of labor. It may be okay, but my experience says "not likely"! The 5 speed is quite an attraction to me. I figure it is probably a $16K car. The paint on it is pretty darn good and I would not mess with that. So maybe I ought to get a TD or an MGA 1600 to have some different LBC's in a stable. Mike
MW Davis

I saw this on the Ontario T register (no interest).

1955 mgtf 1250 (6-Oct-2010)
XPAG/TF/32854; body 13915
Colour biscuit (fenders) & cream (main body); beige canvas top, tonneau, boot; brown leather seats; wire wheels; excellent condition; 53,500 miles; manuals, maintenance records.
Car is in Windsor, Ontario. $18,500 pictures available,
Contact Dave Ruch by Email
Mike Hart (52 TD 16378)

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