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MG TD TF 1500 - TF1500 -What to look for

Hello -

I am looking over a TF1500 and wondered if I need to make sure that certain specific items were present parts wise ( I want to avoid overlooking an item that should be there that may cost big $$$ to replace) The proper air cleaners are there and the only missing item I can see is the spare tire knock off with the special emblem - these run about $150 from Moss.

I have confirmed engine and head are correct for the car and are the orignal units (numbers match the ID plates and are original),

I will be confirming the casting numbers just to be safe.

Just wanted to know if I should look for anything specific.

Thanks so much - I may be a TF1500 owner by next week - just trying to be careful,

J Delk

The number one thing has to be body and wood condition.
After that cost wise it's the crankshaft. Grill shells in good condition are made of unobtainium. Chrome work is very expensive to have done. brake cylinders all the way round are also very pricey. If the car has steel wheels, new brake dums are unavailable and used ones quite suspect. Same goes for the wheels if they are in bad shape. New wire wheels and hubs can be bought but are very expensive. Hell, every thing on one is expensive and I have the receits to prove it.


One further thought Jeff. The members of this board are pretty fair at spotting defects on most T cars if you can supply a number of photos.


I assume you have checked the chassis number on the chassis rail against the I.D. plate? Body number should be around 17xxx to 20xxx.

Matthew Magilton

LaVerne and Matthew - thanks for the responses - I did check the left front chassis and the numbers are correct. I just wanted to find out if I was overlooking any items unique to the TF - LaVerne I have been there on the items you mention in TD restorations - so I know what you mean!

The car has wire wheels and they are in very good shape - fitted with new dunlop gold cups

The real problem is the poor job the previous guy did on the wood work and door fit - all will need to be redone

I am thinking I should offer around 11 - 12 . He will most likely want 14 or so.

I know there were only 3,400 of the 1500s - but nice ones can be had for around 22-25. Not much room to spend all that $$$ to make this one nice.

Thanks again for the items,



You can't make a nice one for that money, but you can buy a nice one. the rule of thumb is to buy as nice a car as you can afford, unless you just plain enjoy restoration work (kind of like the money left over after a round of golf, there isn't any (unless you won the tournement) but if you like golf, you had fun).

Dave Braun

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