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MG TD TF 1500 - the feel of new brakes

hello all- just completed pretty comprehensive brake job---new hoses, lines, cylinders, shoes, etc. everything adjusted and working----car stops good and straight although it seems like i have to push the pedal pretty hard---is this a TD thing or a new brake thing?---will the brakes "bed in" and get a little easier?---curious to hear others perception of this situation---thanx in advance

I've had this happen before. Could be a defective master cylinder, could be an obstruction in the brake line and it could be that the brake shoes have brake fluid or grease on them.
IPod is dying so I've got to cut it short,
D. Sander

Another possible explanation is that the new shoes have a different arc than the drums, so contact is lessened. Old-time brake shops have an Ammco brake arc-er that matches the arc of the shoes to the arc of the drums.

Not having access to such a machine locally, I rubber-cement a piece of sandpaper to the inside of the drum and rub the shoes back and forth until they show full contact. I wear a mask while doing this.

t lange

Hi Tom,
If you had both sides off at the same time, make sure you still have twin leading shoe brakes. I have seen the cylinders on upside down on 4 T Types now.I have even seen leading one side and trailing the other, it made braking interesting!. If they are on the wrong way dont just swap left for right as the banjo bolt will foul on the steering lever.
Ray Lee

I have had new brakes not work the best for a bit, likely due to what Tom mentions above. That said, the last time I did my TD's brakes the reverse was true- they felt like power assisted after the brake job. Will it skid and leave 4 equal skid marks on cement? George
George Butz

the brakes only have about 100 yards on them----i will leave all alone and drive a little and see what happens---thanx

It seems that new brakes shoes do not seat if all you do is easy braking. You need to stomp on them when you can do so safely.

Five or six times realy hard will start them seating.

Safety Fast
T. L. Manion Thomas

then stomp on them i will---thanx for the advice

Go out on a road where you can drive somewhat alone. Drive at about 35 miles per hour and break steady and fairly hard to a stop without locking up the brakes. Then drive for a few minutes to cool the brakes and repeat. Do this several times. It will serve to both seat and center the brakes shoes - if they are arched correctly.
Re-adjust brakes later after they have cooled.
Dallas Congleton

i did the above----works well-----brakes are getting a little better each time----AND NO LEAKS (yet)

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