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MG TD TF 1500 - The TF is now an absolute pleasure to drive

Just a few words of encouragement for those part way through a rebuild or those having T Series problems. After months of trying to solve rough running and backfiring, new jets and needles have resulted in an engine that you can not hear at tickover and simply buzzes as I press the accelerator. The original needles and jets were brand new, SU packaged items that came with the partly restored car - obviously cloned junk. I took the car out today, a beautiful, bright autumn day and what a pleasure the TF is to drive, especially the way it goes around road curves. Turn the steering wheel into the start of the bend and you can finish it off using the accelerator pedal. Far, far more satisfying than my four wheel drive Mercedes GLA which has absolutely neutral steering.

Jan T
J Targosz

Excellent! Those you new replacements you fitted were from Burlen, I assume.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Very nice. Too bad you are getting into the colder weather now but you are certainly ready for next spring. :-)
Christopher Couper

Congratulations Jan. I'm sure there is now a big smile on your face as you swiftly drive down the back roads. Much better than the explicatives bent over under the bonnet !!!! Hope my turn is coming as well

Cheers Mate

Bill Chasser
W. A. Chasser

Thanks Jan it's messages like yours that keep me going. Somtimes I think I will never get to drive my TF.
Love to see a picture or 2.
D Lamb


Great to see you enjoying the magnificent driving capabilities of a TF.

Beautiful !

Rob Grantham
TF3719(" Aramis"),TF9177("Athos").
Rob Grantham

Thanks for the really nice replies. I have been tinkering with old cars for more than fifty years and as Shakespeare said I subscribe to the "Seven Ages of Car Restoration"

1. EUPHORIA bringing the barn find home, dismantling it and especially sorting through the boxes of bits.
2. DEPRESSION cleaning dirty, rusty parts with a wire brush in an unheated garage in the middle of winter.
3.DENIAL purposely not adding up the bills from Moss and Brown and Gammons.
4. FRIGHT being scared to death of the drill slipping and scratching the new paint job, having to take the shiny doors off to shim the hinges.
5. EXASPERATION why does the engine not tick over, why is the dynamo light still on, where is that rattle coming from.
6. SMUGNESS a wonderful drive out on a beautiful day, top down and that nice shiny bonnet in front of you.
7 WHAT NEXT open the garage door, there she is in pristine condition, all tools cleaned and stored away. What am I going to do for the rest of the day!

When I rebuilt my TD a few years ago my first job was to restore the complete dashboard and get parts chromium plated. I stored these under the dining room table and when things were going badly in the garage I could look at these to lift my spirits.

Jan T

J Targosz

Hi Jan,

Enjoyed reading your Shakespeare reference to TF restoration.

You may not be able to completely rest at this stage ! If you have not currently got a full TF Toolkit?,it is both frustrating and fun to search for these correct items included at Swap Meets,Garage Sales,Farm Auctions,eBay,friends etc.

The photogragh of your TF depicts a magnificent restoration.

Rob Grantham

Rob Grantham

Photo of my next restoration attached. I am currently detaching the engine and other bits from the plastic pressing that forms the interior and I am going to display a TF part way through a restoration. I do have another, complete model of TF


J Targosz

Beautiful TF. I love red on red.

'54 TF
T Norby


Congratulations, having read your posts over the years, it has been a long slog. The results, however, are stunning.

Great feeling isn't it, when you hit the backroads and it just sails along, running so well that you expect something to pop.

Hope you have some good weather to enjoy your work before winter sets in.

Charles Duffy


I would like to add my congratulations. Your car looks magnificent.

I do agree that reading of success stories is a great encouragement for those of us still with much to do.

Well done and thank you for your posts.

Kind regards,
M R Calvert

Jan: Your comment about storing your car parts in house reminded me of this.

Christopher Couper


Congratulations! Beautiful TF. I loved reading about how well its running. I know from driving a friend's TF what a great feeling it can be, and one day I'll have mine on the road as well.

Charlie Adams

Well, part way thru my TF restoration my wife decided to slow things down by having our first baby. When I went in to visit her in the maternity home I took in the first painted part of the TF so she could see our colour choice.

The part was a door. Oh, and I think I saw our daughter at some point.


PS. Photo taken a little later


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