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MG TD TF 1500 - The tub rebuild is done!

I finally finished the major portion of my TD’s tub re-build right before Christmas and I just wanted to share a few pictures with you guys. Now it’s on to some minor ding repair in the body work, some minor cutting along the front and rear edges of that louvered bonnet, and then finding and fitting some front cycle fenders,rebuild the engine, fit the interior, etc., etc..
But for now; I’m just glad the ‘woodworking’ part of this project is finally about over (lol).

Initial test fit of doors after front and rear quarter panel assembly and attachment of outer front side rails.

Hiram Kelley

Front bulkhead attached.

Hiram Kelley

Test fit of the faux fuel tank that will hide the fuel cell.

Hiram Kelley

It’s all starting to come together.

Hiram Kelley

Final fitting of the seat/seat belt brackets, Austin Healy Sprite seats and transmission/drive-shaft tunnel.

Hiram Kelley

Lookin' good, keep at it. It will be ready for spring.
Bob Jeffers

Nice, Hiram. I expect this is to be a vintage racer with the fuel cell and seats?
David Littlefield

Thanks Bob and David.
Yes, I plan on having it ready for vintage racing hopefully next year, if all goes well and my money holds out (lol).
Hiram Kelley

Hiram - your fuel cell looks really neat - can you send some more pictures and info. I like your Sprite seats, too.

What kind of modifications are you going to make to the engine for racing?


Dave Jorgensen

Hello Dave
MY fuel cell is pretty low-tech. I just built a square tube frame to suspend the cell's steel can just below the bottom of the tub from the frame rail with some fabbed-up brackets. I then cut out the bottom of an old TD tank to hide it. I intend to use a remote style fill by just cutting out the old fuel fill opening and replacing it with a newer style snap flip up type cap.
This is still under development (lol) so not really sure how it's going to turn out.
I'm using a cardboard box cut to size here for initial mock-up work.

Hiram Kelley

Here is a close-up of two of the brackets I welded up out of angel iron.

Hiram Kelley

Here is the back side shot of the cut out in the old TD tank. I am just attaching it to the spare tire carrier with stainless steel u-bolts.

Hiram Kelley

Dave, it's your pre-war styling treatment of your TD that's inspired me to go for that look as well; but with TC fender braces, TC headlight brackets, and a re-done front splash apron.
I only hope mine turns out as nice as yours.

Hiram Kelley

I would just like to say that i REALLY applaud Dave for doing cycle fenders that move in unison with the wheels. This makes them SOO much cooler!

ABW Waugh

Hiram's earlier tub work can be seen at Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

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