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MG TD TF 1500 - The53 is on the Market

That's enough. It's time to end the 8 year odyssey and try to recover some of the money that I've put into it. Here's some text that was put together for an ad:

TD, 1953 - A unique opportunity to own a recent TD off-frame restoration by Bud Krueger (#9826) of the website. Frame de-rusted and painted (tub removed). Rear of tub, from doors back, replaced by rust- free 'tublet' from Texas. ALL tub wood replaced (with exception of fascia). Rear suspension rebuilt, front TBD when weather warms up. New sealed front wheel bearings. Bottoms of front quarter panels rebuilt with new sheetmetal. Front fenders replaced. New floorboards. New carpeting. Front quarter panels, firewall, cowl, rear fenders, bonnet media blasted and primed. Pedal box rebuilt. New Stayfast top and grill slats. Engine rebuilt, cylinders bored, new .040" over pistons. Bearing clearances within .002". Rebuilt head installed with TF valves milled for 8.9:1 compression. New bearings in gearbox. master cylinder/wheel cylinders rebuilt. ALL new brake lines. ALL new wiring. Relay in brake light system. All electrical components work (including the clock).
New Stayfast top being installed. Side curtains need work. Frames are good with fresh paint, covers are clean. fuel pump rebuilt; fuel tank derusted and coated. Road registered and running. Tons of receipts! Selling in primer; allowing new owner to choose and paint the car color of choice along with new upholstery. Register #435 transfer with car open to discussion. Car will be at GOF 93 in No. Conway (unless sold before then). Complete description and pictures of the restoration process are available at Plymouth, Mass. $9,000. Contact Bud Krueger at 508-746-6735 or email

A set of images taken today has been added to my website at

Thanks, Bud

Bud Krueger

After following your trials and tribulations over the years whilst rebuilding your TD I think you are undervaluing your project, unless of course you have missed 10,000 out of the price!!!
Best wishes
Mick 52 TD
Mick Cook


I'm with you! So Bud, delete this post and try it again...

JL Nederhoed TD#3966

I never say what I am about to say. I too think you may be to low. I've scene much less with a much higher asking price. Just my $.02.
D. Sander

Edward - Here is a scan of the added body mounting points. Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

Bud, IMHO I agree with the rest, your too low on the price! I think you should get a collective estimate on the asking price from the members here. There's no way I'd sell it for that price! Hopefully it's not outside this forum yet. JMHO. PJ
Paul sr

Seems low to me also!
This is a dream car for somebody ...the hard stuff is done and you get to pick the colour!

Certainly a "no-brainer" if compaired to this:

David Sheward

Hi folks, I think that $9000 is a reasonable amount of money for the car as it stands (with the installed new top and side curtain box). It would be easy to up the price to $12,000 and start bickering with people. I don't wish to do that. The first person who comes up with the $9k gets the car.

Put another 50'ish miles on it today. They sure can be noisy without carpeting. Gotta' get it out of the box and on the floor.

BTW, it's been advertised for $9k in the April TSO and on Ttalk. Bud
Bud Krueger


Wish your car was in Aus and RH drive I would snap it up in a blink.

G Evans

You sir are a true gentleman with an obvious love for things "M.G."! Someone is going to get a wonderfull car here that I am sure will be their pride & joy.
God Bless you!
David Sheward

Thanks, David. I suspect that the April TSOs are being delivered. I've already said 'no thanks' to an offer of $8000. Bud
Bud Krueger

The April TSO is in fact in the mail.
D. Sander

Having just sold "Rocky", I'm with Bud on this....(based on total description)....And I fully understand his thinking.
We all know that a decent paint job on these cars is going to average about $3K to $5K, depending on what part of the Country you're in....So, $4K average....
Now, the car is $13,000....
Nice carpet and leather interior, another $2500 to $3000.
(or more, if it is taken to a decent shop....
So , now $16,000+.
Well, I like a stainless exhaust, and maybe I like a restored wheel, and Brooklands windscreens, etc.
So, conceivably, the new owner will have $17 to $18K in the car, by the time he is ready for his first coming out party....
Now , I realize that this is not too much to pay for such a car (by a long shot), but it is in the area of a quick sale, which is what Bud is trying to do.
Go for it Bud, and good luck.
Edward Wesson 52TD

David, someone we both know (with 2 f's) apparently got his early. Bud
Bud Krueger

Sold today. Driving it to the new owner's house in PA tomorrow. New owner is the spouse of an NEMGTR member and is interested in resurrecting NEMGTR #435. Bud
Bud Krueger

Good for you Bud. Sounds like you've made both sides happy.
Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

Thanks, Mort.
What a couple of days!! The short story is ...he bought the car..'. Insisted that he had to immediately take it with him to Pennsylvania. He had some good checks. I had a good title. A couple of problems - 1) Massachusetts is the only state that doesn't have such a thing as a temporary license plate. He figured that he could just go to someplace down the street and get a temporary tag to put on the car and drive it home. Not that easy. 2) The car has only just been put together and had less than a hundred miles on the rebuild, has not had a decent shake-down cruise, etc. Only solution was for me to drive the car to his place (about 460 miles) on my Mass. plates with my wife driving our car with me. He road in the car with me. There were quite a few birthing issues related to the 40+ year old ignition system. For instance, the new sdet of NGK BP6ES plugs that I put in were gapped at .030". That's fine for the sports coil in Lazarus, but way to far for the 40 year old coil in the car. On top of that the tachometer gearbox wouldn't tighten up to the generator and rotated into the 'short out the distributor' position. We got to his place about noon today. My wife and I just got home about 20 minutes ago. Buit -- the53 is now in its new home in Red Lion, PA. Now I can get back to getiong Lazarus ready for a trip to Texas next May and my planned drive of Rte. 1 from one end (Canada) to the other (Key West). Bud
Bud Krueger

I'm sure that after years of toiling away on that car, not only is your garage a little emptier, but your heart too.
I'm glad that another one was saved, and there is a garage in PA with a new toy in it. You are a good man, and a tribute to the mark.
D. Sander

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