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MG TD TF 1500 - This one IS a gem
John Redman

Nice one, but then there is this one.

Hope he gets his price, would help inflate the price of mine.
Bruce Cunha

As to John's spotting, I have looked at this car before and was taken by the ID#, since my MKII is #17198, RHD and was originally shipped to Hong Kong. Also, the PR spread must cost as much as the current price.

As to the second from Bruce, it must be the detailing job on the engine bay, that's responsible for the pricing.

Safety Fast


John Thanks for showing us this web page. I have never seen such a display. Had fun playing with the different pictures. Bill
Bill Mason

Then there's this rare left-hand drive. ;)
Carl Floyd

Things not looking good for the high priced (green) one. One day and 6 hours left and no bids while the perfect one is at $8,600 with plenty of time to go. Frankly, though, I couldn't bring myself to buy the red one. I'll never bring mine up to those standards but I'll enjoy the trip more than having it handed to me.
John Redman

None of these cars are truly bad, but since a restoration has taken place anyway, why not take care of details and do things right once and for all? There is always something that's not the way it ought to be. One could always add his/her own touch when everything is correct.

1950 TD
Denis L. Baggi

Just consider the money paid to EBAY for this entry. I bet he could even have the steering wheel hub painted the proper color along with the instrument panel for that kind of money. Look at those beautiful sunset color on the horns. Do they give a HOOT?
conrad sanders

Ok, This is more like it. A nice car, done up a bit non-original but that is what makes MG's fun.

I still would be leary on someone who thinks the odometer in an MG can be trusted.
Bruce Cunha

The upholstery colour is wrong. If the car has chromed grill slats the trim should be done in shiny metalic silver. The stuff they use to make space suits would probably be about right.

Jan T
J Targosz

shiny metallic MIRROR silver PVC?

Methink I can do without being reminded of how big my butt is everytime I try to slide under the wheel.

Or would the curved stiching have a "slimming" effect?



I know this car (from when I lived in Cleveland), saw him at a few car shows. Very nice condition, and loved the two-tone paint job. Not fond of the steering wheel, but whatever. Nice car.

Larry Thompson

I would be leary of buying a car from somebody that can't spell Tonneau Cover! All you have to do is look in any catalog for Brit cars and POOF there it is the proper spelling. Lack of attention to details mean lack of attention to details on the car IMHO
Greg & Grimm
Grimm was hospitalized last week with a colon infection but He is doing better now.
G.J. Cenzer

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