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MG TD TF 1500 - Tips on driving rear wheel drive car

No abuse please! I am used to front wheel drive car! excelerate in out of corners etc etc. Just got new MG driving slow until used to it. If anybody has tips for not losing the back end. I have not driven rear wheel drive since Mark II Escort.
CM Jenkins

CMJ; Please note that REAL cars have rear wheel drive.
Sandy Sanders
Hudson Florida
conrad sanders

CM, our cars are 50 + years old -- we always drive slow even after we get used to them.
If you are a new T series owner my first tip is to buy a fire extinguisher -- hopefully you will never need it but it is some comfort and may be great insurance.
Good luck!
D F Sexton

Although i haven't driven my TD yet... i don't think you have to re-learn a whole lot on RRD with a 1250 cc engine. If your worried, go to a large parking lot on a Sunday morning and do some quick power (?) turns to get the feel. Very little to learn....
g.b.lawson '53TD

Dennis - "we alway drive slow..." speak for your self please :)

CMJ - Gordon is correct, with a 1250 engine putting out all of 54 horse power, you really are not going to get yourself in much trouble. I have always maintained tht the TD is an excellent car to drive in the snow - high enough so it doesn't high center, narrow tires to cut through the snow and not enough power to get into a lot of trouble. Dennis is also correct in recommending that your first purchase be a fire extinguisher. You certainly wouldn't want your new purchase to go up in flames (not a great chance of it happening, but better safe than sorry). Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

About the only way to slide a TD before it would roll is to find a nice sandy corner or dirt road- lots of fun. We have Skip Barber, Panoz, and other advanced street driving/racing schools at various race tracks over here. Sent wife to the class at Sebring a couple years ago and she is less tertifying to ride with now - worth the $.
George Butz

Methinks CM Jenkins has bought an F or new TF, mid engined and RWD.
John James

David, my apologies ... but fast is relative.

I will admit that with my engine a little more broken in and my own comfort level improving I have accelerated using 4500 rpm shift points -- the exhaust note is fun.

D F Sexton

Thanks for the advise guys trying to find a test track. Is mgtf Sorry for the confusion.
C Jenkins

Dennis - 4500 rpm is only slightly higher than the 4200 rpm that our TD is consistantly run at. And yes, the exhaust note at 4500 rpm when accelerating is definitely fun, especiall when going under a underpass with good reverberation ;). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

This thread was discussed on 10/07/2004

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