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MG TD TF 1500 - Toe Board Fasteners -TF

Looked in many places only to come up empty handed.

My toe board was not fastened when I purchased my car. Might someone be able to tell me what the correct fasteners are for this piece.

Thanks you, Dan
Dan Nordstrom

Do you mean the black piece below the firewall? This is a TD but the same. Bolts and washers held by captive nuts in your firewall or nuts on the A pillars.

More pictures here:

Christopher Couper

Dan I recommend you save "The Original MG TF midget" site. It, & the brother/sister site for the TD, has the answers to most, if not all questions on what originally went where. Exceptionally detailed & accurate resource. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Gentlemen, Maybe it would have helped if I used the correct terminology. The piece I'm referring to is the "Footrest" on the passenger side of the car. (LHD) I used the site referred to and others, but do not find any reference to the fasteners. It appears tacks or screws are used where attached to the floor, but I can't find anything about the two bolts that are used on the firewall (bulkhead)

Thank you,
Dan Nordstrom

It works fine if you don't fix it down at all and makes a good place to stash items out of sight beneath.
An overmat in the passenger footwell will secure if needed.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Dan: I thought that might be what you wanted so I included the link to the carpets to see if that would help.

Anyway the top is held in place with nuts and bolts, bolt on the interior. The bottom wood screws, round headed, into the floor board.
Christopher Couper

Thanks Christopher. That's what I needed. Could not find mention of that particular bolt anywhere.

I'm going to assume they are 5/16" X whatever length is required. BSF, of course.

I like the idea of using the space for emergency parts, so I may try a stud-pin and see if it stays in place.

Thanks for the idea Dave.

Dan Nordstrom

I just installed this toe board (firewall) on my TF. Most of the bolts I used were 5/16 British Standard X 3/4. There is one exception, and that is the bolt in the top right fume excluder. It needs to be long enough to mount the Tachometer cable bracket with a nut. See the TF photo gallery in the site. The bolts across the top of the cowl must be 5/16 BS as they thread into captive nuts. The remaining can be 5/16 SAE as they are through hole fastened with nuts. They are hidden by carpet and almost invisible from the engine bay. John
JR Mahone


My car came to me pretty much original including most of its fasteners. I have the extra long bolt you mention and all of the others as well. (as best my limited knowledge can tell) The footrest was one exception. It was laying loose in the car short all fasteners.

If time (and life) stays on my side I may have this car back together in few weeks. But we all know what life does.

Thanks fellas.

Dan Nordstrom

Yes Dan, I am painfully aware of how life can go. I bought my TF 45 years ago and immediately tore it to pieces. Then life smacked me in the face and the car languished until I finally retired last year. Now my TF is coming back to life, I just hope I am physically able to get in and out of it when finished! Photo is how it came home to my work shop. That is not rust on the sheet metal, it's 1970's era red oxide primer. How about sharing an image or two of your project. Sincerely, John

JR Mahone

Current condition of TF 6773.Thank you Frank Cronin for finding and documenting the original TF. Those photos have been a blueprint for my re-assembly. Sincerely John

JR Mahone

John: That car is coming along splendidly. Very nice workmanship.

What's that white object on the back of your battery shelf next to the buffer holes?
Christopher Couper

I found my TF a little over a year ago just by pure luck. I was just browsing Craigs List one morning around 5am and up pops this TF. It had been listed for 11 minutes. It had a phone number included so I called and as they say, the rest is history. It is a numbers matching 1500. And I have converted to Wires.

The car had been stored for over forty years in a nice dry facility. Zero rot and zero rust. I thought it would be fun to put it back on the road just as it was when the PO stopped driving it in 1973. So that is what I am doing.

Just about everything mechanical has been either rebuilt or replaced. Just about everything cosmetic is just as it was when I found it.

Pic one is as found.

Pics 2, 3 & 4 are as of today.

Dan Nordstrom

Pic 2

Dan Nordstrom

Pic 3

Dan Nordstrom

and #4

Dan Nordstrom

Chris, its a stray piece of masking tape that I forgot to remove. Also, the camera flash makes the car appear orange. Its actually a fairly dark red. A big thank you for the work you do on the MG-Cars.ORG site. It is a treasure trove for restorers! Sincerely, John
JR Mahone

Dan, on the TF I am doing now and the TD I did many years ago the foot rest is secured at the top with two 1/4 inch hex head screws 1/2 inch long, nuts and lock washers on the engine side. At the bottom it has three 1/8 inch round head wood screws 3/8 inch long. However because I really would like to do a better job where possible I intend to replace the three 1/8 inch wood screws with 8-32 machine screws and blind nuts on the back side.

Dan, great find and a cool way to approach the project. So you still have the TD "special" you did? I've admired your work and concept on that one for some time.
David Littlefield

Dan, your car is an absolutely beautiful survivor! You were very fortunate to have found it. What is the chassis number? My car, TF6773, was also a California 1500 with the same specifications (black with red, disc wheels). I wasn't so fortunate regarding condition and was faced with a ground up restoration, and that was 45 years ago. John
JR Mahone

David, thanks for your kind words. It is a different approach than anything I have done before. Its been fun.

I think you may have me confused with someone else. This is my first MG. No TD II here.

btw, I have a sister that lives in the Woodlands.

Dan Nordstrom

Wow Dan, what a fantastic original TF! Nice find! I'll be anxious to see when you are done with the car and a first drive report. Be sure to add more pictures!

John, your TF is coming along! Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad the pictures were as much help for you and your TF project.


Frank Cronin

The PO (big guy with the hard hat) told me the car spent its life in the Malibu area. It has a couple of Hollywood celebrity names attached to it. The last registered owner was one of Johnny Carson's wives for which I have the pink slip. Doesn't mean squat IMO, but interesting just the same.

TF 7946
Dan Nordstrom

Lovely original survivor there Dan. Did it happen to come with an original tool kit, pump, jack and grease gun? (I am into researching those). See if you can grab some detail photos of the carpets and rear upholstery whilst disassembled.

M Magilton

Mathew, No factory supplied tools or side curtains. Curtains were destroyed in a house fire according to the PO.

I hope I am not misleading any of you about the cars originality. While it's in very original condition (IMHO) it's by no means a virgin.

Sometime in its life it has had one repaint and one engine rebuild. Seats were converted to vinyl, top was replaced and much of the wiring was redone. Other than that it seems to be pretty much intact. The steering wheel needed only minor repair. 64k on the working speedo.

Not sure what you want regarding the carpets. I just this week began the reconstruction. I have cut out the rotted sections and will soon be hot taping new pieces into place. Carpets under the seats are original. Tunnel cover and sections of the foot area as well. This is where the piece work is taking place. I have retained all of the old pieces, but not much to piece back together. The only original under padding left is the gearbox cover. Appears to be horse hair. I am reusing it.
If you can suggest a specific area of interest I will try to oblige.

I will need your email address.


Dan Nordstrom

Thank you Dan. Yes, I noticed areas of the car like the seat covers have been renewed but its still good to grab images of original areas when we can.
Photo close-up suggestions:
Side screen box lid strap
Ss box hinges
Ss box lid black rexine strip on the underside
Ss box corner rivets
Rear corner upholstery & screws
Hood tack rail screws
Carpet edge where wheel arch vinyl meets carpet
Hood frame screws to side panels & position
Carpet around bell housing & firewall
Screws to door sill plates
Upholstery around door locks door and tub
Underside of scuttle showing red paint above dash panel
Under dash fibre panel if fitted.
Panel fit where the rear guards meet the bumper & splash pan (spacing between).
Were you door hinge screws flat or Phillips?
Photos under 500Kb each would be marvellous.

AT msn Dot com

M Magilton

If possible, it would be nice if you could share your photos of your TF Matthew requested on here so everyone can see.



Frank Cronin

I can post those photos that show original bits when you capture them here:

The bigger the better. Just email me a dropbox or google drive link when ready.
Christopher Couper

Matthew, you have mail.
Dan Nordstrom

Thank you Dan! Some great details in your photos. I will forwards to Chris with comments and see if he can add them to his website. I am sure Chris will let us know when this is done. I think it is useful to not be relying on the same two or three cars for originality details.

M Magilton

Sorry, Dan. Somehow I confused Dan Nordstrom with Dave Jorgensen.
David Littlefield

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