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MG TD TF 1500 - treasure or trash?

Good Morning George,
It's been awhile since I've been on the forum bulletin board and I couldn't figure ourt how to post a picture for everyone to look at. If you feel it's worth it, please feel free to take the info and post it.
I was picking up some hose fittings at a local supplier and happened to pass by a truck yard full of misc. trailers and cars etc.. as most of us do, I caught the image of a MG radiator and headlights in my periferal vision and went back for a look.
I went in the yard and spoke to the owner. He told me that it was a pre war MG that he brought up from Uruguay and that it had been damaged while in storage. he wanted $1500 for it.
I thought I would post the pictures to see if the guys can ID it. If anyone wants more info, I'd be happy to go back down to Miami and talk to the owner, ask him to haul it out for more pictures.
Happy motoring,
Jim Hageman

George Butz

next photo

George Butz

More photos would be great wouldn't it?


George Butz

Jim, hard to tell for sure. It looks like a rubber spring shackle in the one picture in the rear. Also the air cleaner manifold and canister looks TC. Can't see enough to tell for sure. If the engine proper, tranny, and rear end are all there it would be easily worth $1500. George
George Butz

Looks like you have got yourself a TC there George. Next question, "How come you have not purchased it yet?"
It is certanly restorable, and I have saved far worse.
Good luck!

Terry Peddicord

There are some very strange things there. It may be a TC but it's been pretty heavily messed with. If you have any more information on the car I would be interested to see more.
Steve Simmons

Didn't TC's exported have some kind of 'nerf' bars instead of bumpers?
That aircleaner and breather manifold cleaned up would be very valuable?
What is the aluminum part at the rear of the engine...oil filter?

From the shape of the rear wings and the shackles at the back end of the springs, I would have to say TA, TB or TC. Earlier cars had a different shape to the end of the wings. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Gordon's question intrigued me. A couple of years ago my first posting was about an oil filtration system that came on my TD. At that time I described a system high in the engine compartment with a canister affixxed to the battery tray, I descried MY canister as being painted orange.Well what ever the thing in George's photo is ,if anyone wants another, I have it's twin.
Jon Levine

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