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MG TD TF 1500 - TSO CD-ROM: Computer related questions & comments

In this thread please post information about which computer operating systems and which versions of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader work with the TSO CD-ROM.

Also post questions about computer-related problems you may be having with the CD-ROM. We have a number of computer professionals and others with strong computer skills who participate in this forum and may be able to resolve your problem.

Where we aren't able to help each other resolve problems I'll contact Hank Rippert and see what assistance we can get from the company that produced the CD-ROM.

I can confirm that the CD-ROM operates in the following environment:

Windows NT 4.0
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1


Larry Shoer

I'm running WinME with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 and after inquiring on the "" I was able to get the CD operating properly (basement computer).
However, on the upstairs computer running WinXP and Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 ($3000 and 6mos old only) the CD still will not function properly. I get the message 'the file does not start with %pdf'.
Haven't gotten an answer from forums.techguy yet on that one.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Is there an autorun on the CD? Could be a problem with the filenames (i.e. blank spaces) .
Steve Simmons

I have the MAC version, works OK under Reader 5.0, but deletes the MAC OS header line so you can't quit or do anything in the header menus.

I have found one bad file, under TF air filters, gives an error message about this file is bad.

I am trying to download 5.05 and 5.1 to see if this corrects problems.

It looks like there are way too few Tech Articles Indexed. I can't find Some of the early Chip Olds ones, for example about the "Mad Metric" nuts and bolts on Morris engines.

I will post this on both.
Don Harmer
Don Harmer

If you need an earlier version of Adobe Reader, you can find it at the following URL (Windows and Mac versions):

I was able to run the TSO CD-ROM on Windows XP Pro using Adobe Reader 6.0.0.

Larry Shoer

Greg & Grimm

I didn't order a CD rom but we have recently moved to acrobat 6.0 at work and now find that files must have either no spaces or the space must have an underscore before it will work properly. This has caused some grief with older pdf files in the workplace and wonder if this could be part of your problem?

Good luck

Brian Smith

My copy does not work. At least not on my system. My computer's "Explore" will read the opening files and directories on the CD, but the search engine and links do not function.

I have IE6 with all of the upgrades running under Windows 98 and Adobe Reader 5.05. The CD autorun feature is shut off. Netscape is my primary browser and messenger, so clicking on the "OpenFirst.htm" or the "Autorunpro.exe" file starts Netscape. However I should be able to start the program manually by starting IE6 and using the "Open File" menu of IE6 to start the program "Openfirst.htm" on the CD.

This it will do (start the "openfirst.htm" file in IE6). I click on the continue at the bottom of the page. I get a popup window with the FBI warning. The "continue" image at the bottom of the page is corrupt the program fails to go further.

I have also tried opening the PDF file "Navigation.pdf" within IE6 and get the built in search engine and it comes up. The print is so small that I cannot read what is in the selection windows. Clicking on the zoom buttons does nothing. It also fails to link to the PDF files of the TSO CD. Clicking on any of the topics, which I cannot read, fails to bring up the page. Also there is no Adobe Navigation bar at the top.

I have another CD with searchable PDF files on it and it works just fine either by launching Adobe reader, or opening it within IE6.

Right now the CD is useless (and worthless) to me unless some work around can be done to make the CD operate on my system.

Right, there is no Adobe Navigation bar across the top. When I click 'continue' after the FBI notice and it launches the program I get a window which says that "this program (TSO CD) allows you to do things with pictures. Select the picture icon on the tool bar". But there is no tool bar!
G.J. Cenzer

Hi all

Adobe Reader v6 had a problem reading links with spaces in. It added extra characters in addition to the %20 used to 'fill in' these spaces.

Update to v601 cured this problem - it's available on the archive given by Larry.

The ability to view the Reader header rows of tools etc is set by the authoring version of Acrobat. You can't alter it using the vanilla Reader. However, depending on the privilges set by the author, if the pdf file is opened using Acrobat Professional, you can change this ability to view.

To get a view of what privileges have or have not been allowed, go to the security tab of Document Properties.

Haven't got a copy of the CD ROM so I'm speaking blind! Larry, have the articles been scanned in with additional searchable index, or has the whole text of the material been OCR'd?


David Wardell

Just as a reminder...I'm a TD owner who also happens to be in the computer field. I have no more information about what lies "under the hood" of this particular CD-ROM than any of you. Given that there are problems that are being reported, I'll contact Hank and see how he suggests we proceed.

With everybody's permission, please let me track down the support strategy, rather than have us all barrage Hank. I'll try to get someone from the company that created the CD-ROM to join this Bulletin Board so they can immediately see and respond to the problems.

Stay tuned.

Larry Shoer

I totaly agree with Larry,,, There is no reason to barrage Hank with emails and landlines,,, Hank has done quite a remarkable job to get the CD this far(and I might add other Register matters also) ,,, I'm sure it will work out,,,, As Larry suggests, Post the problems here,,, Thank You Larry,,,,

"Snowed in" in Ct

Steve Wincze

Not having received mine, I am forced to sit on the bench for a while. It may be to my advantage however, as Larry and Hank will then have the opportunity to explore the issues and I won't be tempted to screw up my machine getting it to work. As with any new item, there are always things that need to be adjusted, especially given the scope of this project. Carry on Larry/Hank. (Steve, I couldn't resist and ran the YB around a little yesterday before we got buried)
Safety Fast

I uninstalled 7.0, and downloaded (thanks Larry) and installed 6.0.1. Now the disk opens and works as it did on my other machine, which I am certain also has some version of 6 also. Anyone with broadband should give this a try. Annoying, but worth the hassle-the CD is fabulous! I have spent many hours dealing with crashes/lock-ups, and general chaos from installing forced software "upgrades", new releases, etc. So I guess this is typical. Its getting cold (for here)- time to go for a TD drive! Will go buzz my parent's neighbors- they always yell at me to slow down (TD still has almost straight exhaust- sounds fast, looks fast)- last time I was going 8mph ! George
George Butz

6.0.1 is also on the machine that the disk worked on. It did take three tries to get the search function to work properly after it did open. Both machines- XP home, one with SP2, one with SP1.
George Butz

2 months ago I bought Adobe Photo Shop Elements which came with Acrobat Reader 7.0 and on installation 'IT' uninstalled my AR6+ and installed AR7.0. Seems like every time I upgrade I endup being downgraded on performance. This is almost like buying crummy repro parts for the TD. Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

I'm waiting for my copy (Mac) to arrive on this side of the pond. An email on the T list confirms the Mac version works magnificently on an iMac G5 with Adobe Reader. 7.0.
John James

I received my copy Friday and it would not run. (Windows XP and Adobe Reader 7.) Went back in time and installled AR 6 and now it works. Seems only fitting that this cd should require older technology. Maybe they should have asked positive or negative earth, so we would know things were not going to be easy.
mike barnes


I agree whole heartedly!

I CAN NOT update to Adobe 6 because it won't run under WINDOWS 98. That said, I can't change to Windows 2000, or XP as it would slow my system (200 Mhz) down to the point I could drink a cup of coffee between pages.

And DONT'T suggest I buy an new PC as I've already gone through at least 5 upgrades in 10 years. (8086, 286, 386, 486, 50 Mhz, 65 Mhz, 100 Mhz, 133 Mhz, and now 200 Mhz, and I don't remember how many hard drives, CD drives, floppy drives, printers, operating systems (DOS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.22, Windows 3.0, 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, 95, 98), etc.). Would you buy any other $600-$1000 electical appliance that would be obsolete or wouldn't function because of upgrades in 2-4 years! I doubt it!


Why not get a Mac?
John James

Mike, I did just what you did reinstall AR6 (WinXP)and now it works fine but that's going backwards, me and Grimm and my TD, we like going frontwards!

If I can trade my TSO/PC/CD for a TSO/MAC/CD I will go out and buy a MAC to use it.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Blake, those of us in the medical field are forced to upgrade hardware often due to new software so I guess I am just used to it. Unfortunately any machine with 98 or older is rapidly becoming useless. The new XP, mega-gig, Pentium-4 driven machines are cheap and incredibly better than anything before. You would spend about half or less of the total time doing whatever you are doing on the computer! I personally wish I had ditched my relic 98se and ME machines a year or so before I did the difference is so vast. Give one a try. George
George Butz

Anybody have a place they can "host" a picture? I have a good shot of "the computer" we must need for "T series" software.
From a 1954 Popular Mechanics mag shows what a "home computer" should look like in the year 2004.
If somebody can put it out there for all to see....get ahold of me and I will send it to you.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

I received my copy today and had to take Adobe down from 7.0 to 6.0.2, then it works ok. They have don't something to Adobe 7.0 that interupts the process.
Terry in Oakland, CA
Terry Sanders

I have XP Home and 6.0.1 and I cannot get past the 1st screen yet.

John Redman

Every thing seems to work but under the "Electrical Equipment" there is nothing listed. Anyone else see this. I would have expected a lot of articles under this category.
Terry in Oakland
Terry Sanders

What would do if you spent $100 for software at a megastore and it didn't work as described? Ask for a refund! NEMGTR should get a refund or a fix. The outfit that produced this either wanted to avoid buying or using the completely compatable Adobe format, or they had their own piece of s tware they wanted to push. Either way, WE shouldn't have to be trying to figure out how to make the thing work. The product is defective and therefore falls under the producing company's liability.

You would spend about half or less of the total time doing whatever you are doing on the computer!
A faster computer doesn't make a twit of difference when word processing. It does help if working with images, but how many people do that on a regular basis with the home computer?

And a faster computer doesn't help much if you're still on dial up. And there's nothing I can do about that unless I go satelite which is an expensive proposition for those members of the less afluent US population (or states).

Great Plains, USA

Blake, I gave mother-in-law a new blazing XP machine for Christmas. Guess what- her dial-up is many, many times faster! I spend hours doing imaging- scanning film, using Photoshop, digital camera stuff, as do my four siblings and families. The NEMGTR has been around many year, and will posistively take care of this-give them some time. Remember, this is a club run by unpaid volunteers with real jobs and responsibilities! George
George Butz

I received my copy yesterday. I have a new Dell with Windows XP Pro service pack 2. My Adobe is 6.02 and also IE 6 and I run EZ Firewall.

I have found that my system will hang up and not display anything you select on the technical or issues options. It just hangs up on the page that has these two indexes on the left. An exit and restart of the program did not help. Restart of computer did not help, I had to turn it off and back on then it would once again work. This has happened several times. This seems to happen if I exit the program then try to restart it.

I find that the search option is a bit of a pain as it only searches one issue over the forty years and then asks if you want to continue on to the next issue. One hit at a time and you must answer after each issue if you want to search the next issue. It is not very user friendly.

I have also found that there is nothing under the title of Electrical Equipment in the Technical Article Index. We all know there have been articles on this subject many times in over 40 years.


1950TD 1854
Roger Thompson

Sounds as though many have already found the solution to running the TSO CD with Acrobat 7 - uninstall and revert backt o Acrobat 6 8^( - Unfortunately the problems users are experiencing are typical of a new release from Adobe Acrobat. Like most software companies the first generation of a product revision is released to the public with know issues as well as unknown issues.

Typically Adobe does release the fixes several months later and everybody is happy. Unfortunately, this is makes life a little hard for the user and PDF developers.

I am glad to hear that there is some positive feedback and yes, Hank and his team did work very hard. I enjoyed working with them.

Please keep in mind that when the CD was produced Acrobat 7 was not yet released so there was no way to know of any issues with this latest Acrobat. Also, don't give up on Acrobat 7 - Adobe strives to ensure that Acrobat is fully backward compatible so I believe that most if not all issues between the CD and Acrobat 7 will ultimately be resolved.

Creator the TSO CD -

Ben Marchbanks
Larry Shoer

Wow, this is scary! I'm the real Larry Shoer and I did not post the previous note. It appears to come from Ben Marchbanks, from, the producer of the CD-ROM.

It looks like Hank Rippert forwarded my e-mail to Ben and that he has joined our Bulletin Board. I'll contact Ben and ask him to post under his own name and to ask about some of the other problems that have been noted.

Now, how do we identify the real Larry Shoer from the other Larry Shoer? Perhaps I'll have to conclude my postings with some bit of MG T trivia.


MG TD No. 19416
Engine No. XPAG/TD2 9639
NEMGTR Member No.: 11827
Larry Shoer

It would have been nice to have a hard copy, like the MGA Register's tech manual, available to read at one's leisure. I wonder if one will be made available in the future? Marv
Marv Stuart

Yikes, am I ever off in tangent land!

I found the reason for the unexpected posting under my name. This is a detail I've overlooked in the past. The URL I saved as a favorite and use to access this Bulletin Board includes a numeric string that identifies me as me. That means, if I cut and paste this URL into an e-mail message and ship it off to someone, whenever they access the Bulletin Board they present themselves as me. I sent Hank Rippert a pointer to the MG TD-TF Bulletin Board, which he fowarded to the CD-ROM production company. You know where this is going.....

To avoid this problem, you should give people the URL of the website homepage (, then suggest they click on the "Bulletin Board" listing in the upper right corner. This will avoid the person authenticating as you...and posting as you.

I've made contact with Hank and with the CD-ROM production company. More to follow.

Larry Shoer

Hi all

A bit of technical info which may help.

There's a big difference in how Acrobat 5 and Acrobat 6 searches in multiple files.

Acrobat 5 and previous versions would only search the open file unless the author had created a full text index of all files and worked out how to make sure you were using this index. The index as well as all the files have to be present to make this work AND the file directory structure cannot be altered - else the index can't find files!

Acrobat 6 uses a much more user friendly system. It doesn't use a separate index. When searching, the pane on the right hand side gives you a check box to search in the open file only, or within pdf files in a folder. It also gives a check box to make the search case sensitive - lots of people are caught out by that!

In principle I think it's better to use Adobe Reader than to read the files from within a web browser.

Again, I'm speaking blind, so I'm not sure whether this helps or not ....


David Wardell

Why be so irate with a welll intentioned club that is trying to support our hobby to the best of their ability.

We all spent much more on what ever version of MS Windows(R) Word(R) Excel(R)etc. and the world's largest software company does not do much better when it comes to shipping buggy product. Its been that way from their first day in business to date.

Safety Fast!
1953 MGTD
J. M. Haskins

I found a work around on the search function if you want to do a search of the entire CD. Open Adobe reader and click on Open on the upper left. Open one of the monthly files from the CD or your hard drive if you copied the CD to it. Then right click on the open file and select Search and All PDF Documents in ( I did the Browse for location and selected the Files folder from the CD). It then does a search of all the issues and lists each hit on a window on the right.


1950TD 1854
Roger Thompson

I would like to thank Hank Rippert, Hal Kramer and the (others at?) NEMGTR for their efforts in putting this amazing compilation of historic T-related information in a format for the 21st century. I can only imagine the difficulties involved. Remembering that this is an organization of volunteers their efforts must be applauded.

Mark Sherman
New Jersey, USA
Mark Sherman

The TSO CD will not work with Adobe Reader 5.05 under Windows 98 or Windows 98SE. It will work using Windows 98SE and Adobe Reader 5.1 or 6.1. However if you want to down load 5.1 from Adobe, they will send you 6.1 unless you go to the archives to get 5.1.

Adding to Roger's comments about the search. This right click function is only available with Adobe 6.1. But with either Adobe 5.05, 5.1 or 6.1 you can restore the menus at the top of the window by pressing the F8 and F9 keys. This doesn't work if you're running Adobe through Internet Explorer.

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