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MG TD TF 1500 - Two cars, same number

Before the war, my father had a 1933 Chevrolet with plate number A-4894. Today, I have an MG TD 1953 with the same reg number. In Norway you can chose your own number, provided nobody else uses it, when you have a car older than 30 years. You can see images of both cars and myself here:
Raymond Wardenaer

Very nice - I wish Canada had a similsr program since I have records of my car's plates back to the 60's.

I went in to register my Mini Convert. with an antique plate and showed the girl at the counter a picture of it. "Way cool" she said "I will get fired if they catch me doing this but . . . " and off she went to get me a plate frome the pile. She dug down a ways and then gave me A 123 for the Mini. "That's a one two three car if I ever saw one" she said.


John Crawley

Down here in the state of Victoria you can get almost any combination of letters and numbers on a range of different coloured backgrounds. It is quite nice to see for example "mgtf1" with red plates on a red TF. Most old-unused numbers can be ordered too. We do not have the British system where a number plate stays with the car for its lifetime and it is unusual to see the original number plate on any old car, especially now that we have a historic permit scheme (that saves a lot of money on the annual registration bill).

Matthew Magilton

Until '72 (I think), Ontario changed its plates every year...can you imagine the lineups at the license bureaus....(my dad would get in line and keep stepping back one place until he got 001, 002, and 003.... Anyway, we then switched to yearly stickers on your birthday.... You can use 'YOM' plates (year of manufacture) if the number isn't still in the computer system... I got them for the TD...
The X in '53 was for station wagons.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

In Michigan you can get a 10 year historic plate or re-register an old existing MI plate from another year at a pretty cheap price.
I have the original 1954 plate that was on our car in Germany when it was first licensed. The state would not let me use it for historic registration. It is pretty cool to have it.

Colin Stafford TF6688

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