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MG TD TF 1500 - under fender wiring clamps

As I put my TF-1500 back together I am looking at some loose parts - in particular, 4 clamps. I believe two of them hold the rear tail-light wire to the fender (see pg. 31 "rear suspension" of TF and TF-1500 midget operation manual AKD658A). The other two clamps have a small mounting hole with a machine screw and nut (small bolt has hex and slot head.
could these be a wire clamp for the front wings, and if so where do they attach to and do they contain both the headlight and turn indicator wires?
R.T. Walsh

Any chance of pictures?
George Butz

Actually I have three types of clamps that I'd like to identify where they go on my TF-1500. I have included a photo.

There are three pairs of clamps. As I mentioned, I believe one set holds the rear tail light wires to the inside of the fender using a fender bolt.

Is there a set of clamps used under the front wings,
possibly against the engine compartment side panels?
I see a small hole near the front fender diagonal
channel brace that may be for the small clamp that has the small machine thread bolt and nut.

Thoughts on the third set of clamps?

R.T. Walsh

1st pair; yes, inside the bonnett sides using the small hole and the hex-slot bolt, same as my originals.Both headlight and indicator wires.

2nd pair; rear underguard to the chassis frame bolt.

3rd pair; inside the bonnet sides for wiring using 'guard bolts located adjacent to the air filters and near taco reduction box.

No clamps under the front guards, just the 2 pairs of spot-welded straps.

Matthew Magilton

I have long advocated the use of aircraft clamps, like Adel-Wiggins. A picture is appended. I have used them on various applications.

It could be argued that they are not original - true, but they give good protection against abrasion, and hold a cable or line firmly without crushing it. Just perfect for that under-fender clamp for the rear lighting cable.

Its a bit difficult to find their catalogue as its available only as a pdf (that I could determine).

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A Clark

Thank you for identifying the clamps. Regarding the larger clamps for the wiring harness - leftside near tach drive, and rightside between air cleaners - does the harness run below or above the bolt that affixes the clamp?

Regarding the small clamp for the front headlight and turn signal wires - I had the right mounting hole, but the wrong side of the panel - I understand it goes inside - thank you for setting me straight.

The clamps for the rear tail light wires - I can see the wires run behind the bolt that the clamp is affixed to.

One last question - The very front wiring harness - with the leads for the horns - does that emerge low and on top of the front frame horizontal, or higher under the radiator and on the radiator horizontal support?
R.T. Walsh

The large clamp hangs down from the guard bolts.

Horn wiring runs from the J clip on top of the chassis rail by the oil filter, outside the diagonal support, over the main crossmember, then on the steering rack as in the photo. Plastic/vinyl tubing covered the wiring by the oil filter and also to the tail lights as well as other places.


Matthew Magilton

Thank you for the photo of the original front wiring
very helpful.
R.T. Walsh

Mathew: Where do you purchase the clamps that are used for the original front wiring? I ordered some from Moss and got small ones, I want a couple of large ones like in your picture.
Louis Levin

I believe the correct clamps are the same as those used on the rear axle to hold the brake lines in four places - that would be Moss 181-900 item #29 on pg. 25 of current catalog. I am guessing the small ones you received are those intended to hold the temperature sending unit flex "cable" to the strut adjacent to the left of the engine.

R.T. Walsh

Sorry Lewis, I can't help you as I have never had to replace my clamps. I think Rick is correct with the rear axle clamps being the same.

Matthew Magilton

Are there 4 straps on the rear axel for the brake lines or 2?

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

There are 4. Two out on the cast flanges by the hubs, and two inboard on the axle tubes. One of the straps goes over the axle vent hole to prevent dirt from clogging it. I put a dab of JB Weld on the straps to hold them in place.
D. Sander

Thanks Rick, that is what I am looking for. I checked my rear end and I only have 2 there, and none in the front. I used zip ties to hold the front, so now I can put the correct ones in place. You would think Moss would make it easier to find things if they were in some sort of order, oh well.
Louis Levin

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