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MG TD TF 1500 - Update... steering wheel hub...

Got some time in this moring at the shop:
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Very nice looking fabrication. Can't wait to see the wheel on your car.
Roy Challberg

What did you use for rivets and how did you lock them in place?
Sandy Sanders
Hudson Florida
Sandy Sanders

Half the rim is epoxied to the frame, then the two halfs of wood rim are carp glued together and were clamped... think that in itself will hold it all together... The "rivets" are just short lengths of 3/16" aluminum rod epoxied through the rim. 4 of them go through the spokes and out the other side. 8 of them are just in the front half of the rim (for looks). Because the rim was only about 1/4" wide, my drill bit would have hit it and deflected (I could just picture the damage) so i left them as decorative. When sanding, they just all sanded down together....(wood and aluminum).
In fact, working with aluminum is the same as a hardwood ... you can saw it, sand it and/or rout it out....!!!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Gordon; I thank you for that idea. I was at a yard sale yesterday and picked up 4 pieces of honduran mahogany 12" wide and 20" long 3/8" thick.The sale price was .25 cents per piece. This is the begining of my (NEW) old wheel. When I start it I will submit photos of the progress.
Sandy Sanders
Sandy Sanders

Man... that is some deal...4 feet of mahogany for a buck? (even if 3/8ths????)
gordon lawson - TD 27667
gordon lawson - TD 27667

That modified hub is SEXIER THAN SOCKS ON A ROOSTER.
I have been looking at prefinished flooring to find a piece of contrasting wood. The existing finish will have to come off but there are several types that are solod wood. Just have to find a store with a broken carton.I don't wish to buy a complete box full.
Thank you for the info Gordon.
Sandy Sanders
Sandy Sanders

You might check your area for an "exotic" wood supplier... we have a couple up here serving the home carpenter guys... every type of wood imaginable... they usually also serve the musical instrument makers... Better choice in woods then a building supply house!
gordon lawson

Did a test fit this morning.. still have the center hole to have machined larger...1/8" more and it will accept the MG medallion from the stock wheel... Think i misjudged the key position and may have to make a new spacer or cut a new key way.
gordon lawson - TD 27667

That YACHT wheel does good for your LAND YACHT. It is a beautiful wheel even if it has an extra spoke. I envy the quality of your work. As for exotic woods . For me the round trip to Tampa is over 100 miles. With fuel costs today it would be an very expensive small piece of wood. I am not in a hurry so I will wait and see what comes along. At present I am starting to re-rim a standard TD wheel and will follow up with photos.
Sandy Sanders


I have followed your projects with great interest and once again you have done an outstanding and very professional job. Something about seeing someone else tackling jobs on their cars and getting great results, it spurs others to try things themselves.

MG owners on the whole seem to enjoy doing their own work and really driving the cars as they were meant to be driven.

Keep it up!

Brian Smith

Thanks... would be nice to have some machinist tools... lining things up was a real problem... afraid my tolerances are a bit on the "wide" side.
Sandy... keep an eye out for an old sewing machine cabinet ... the old tredle type..they were solid walnut and without a vintage machine, usually go pretty cheap and will provide wood for many projects. Old wooden drawer fronts were solid as well....
gordon lawson
gordon lawson

Looks like a LOVER'S knob to me.
Sandy Sanders

Hi Gordon,

Nice job the steering wheel and knob but why have you not also incorporated two brass rings in the knobs alu bottem piece ?

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There you go Gordon! Strike the deal and get going on that lot of four T-types on ebay...
D Clark

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