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MG TD TF 1500 - Upgrade Brake Master Cylinder

After my recent "near death" catastrophic brake failure I've been thinking," Is there a upgrade/retrofit of dual master cylinder maybe with a possible remote reservoir for a TD. I know this is not original, but neither are the 5 Speed trannies, diffrent rear ends or the in line back up fuel pump that have been touted. Any ideas for possible conversion would be appreciated
Jon Levine

Jon, I made a reservoir in the toolbox, so out of sight but very easy to access and check for fluid level. The line goes straight down through the firewall, to the side of the frontquarter panel, down below the floorboard to an extra banjo that connects to a drilled and threaded hole in the cap of the mastercilinder.Make sure that no air can get trapped in the line. Greetings, Huib

Huib Bruijstens

Huib, can you show a photo of how the tube is attached to the resevior?
TRM Maine

Here is the attachement and on the picture the banje is hanging next to its bolt

Huib Bruijstens

...and here is a bit more of the line. I covered it with a plastic hose (that's why it appears so thick)to protect it from scratching. Greetings, Huib

Huib Bruijstens

Yo Huib,

Clean or what, very impressive prep!! and no oil!! Yo done good.

TD/C 7822
G.D. Smith

that's a pretty good solution, I like that.
What kind of pipe do you have used? Just a piece of copper pipe? There is no pressure in, right?

does the banjo stick up into the hole when the floorboards are installed?
TRM Maine

hello, the installation looks clean. the service manual says not to over-service the master cylinder. with this installation how do you keep the fluid below that level? regards, tom
tom peterson

i see now the only reason for the air space is to prevent venting to the atmosphere (read "road"). the tube to the upper reservoir takes care of that. this will make servicing easier, but with a single circuit brake system, no matter how big the reservoir is, if you blow any one of a number of single seals the pedal is going to the floor and you are back to hand braking. just one of the thrill of driving these old cars! regards, tom
tom peterson

Hi Jon:
To answer your original question I have adapted a duel master cylinder to my MGB powered TF . . . if you want details please drop me a line . . .
Godspeed in SAFETY Fast
John Crawley

Guenter: I used standard copper brake pipe, seize 1/4". It is very easy to bend into the right shape. And you are right: there is no pressure at all.

TRM: No, it does not stickup into the floorwel. I bought a new cap for the mastercilinder that was specially prepared for this purpose: it has some more metal inside to allow to host the innerthread for the banjobolt. Also the banjobolt could be made more flat if necessary. In the Netherlands there is a brake system specialist who also specialised in oldtimers and who loves MG. He also can supply to USA according to his website
Owners name is Wiel Claessen

Tom: In my opinion the level of the master cilinder should allow some movements in height due to the movement of the piston. So, the piston will move back some oil into the reservoir. If that is overfilled to the edge, oil will leak through the airvent. Now, the reservoir of the mastercilinder is extended to the higher placed extra reservoir. So, "moved back oil" will be pushed through the new line upwards to the new reservoir. In there, it will allow for level variations. You are right about the risks of a single system. However, this reservoir makes it very easy to check the level almost daily instead of........hardly ever????
Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

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